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Love story: My crush with corper Kellz

Lot of secondary school girls at some point had petty crushes on male corpers, but what I had was not a crush; I lusted for this guy.
Everyone in school knew that corper kellz was sexy. All my {female} friends had a slight thing for him. We all prayed to be his girlfriend..

I truly wasn’t the best student in the class,
but really, how could any girl focus on learning, when six feet
of tall dark handsomeness was in her line of sight every

I was suddenly pulled out of my dirty thoughts as my Idol {himself} called out my name.

“Where was your mind?.” i heard him ask, while the entire classroom chuckled at
me, but I did not care. He had spoken my name. My name had
crossed his lips that were slightly hidden behind a perfectly trimmed goatee.

Our eyes locked for a brief moment and something clicked. I
could feel it and I knew that he could feel it also. I felt myself dripping wet into my panties.

“why are you lost in my class?,” he asked, but before i could give an answer, the bell rang for break, making everyone jump to their feet. Everyone except for me seemed to be in a hurry to leave the class.
I waited for the classroom to clear open before making my way up to him. I
seemed to have no control over my actions. My body did not want to leave, it wanted to stay and enjoy every moment with him.

We silently stared at each other, my heart pounding madly.

“sir, i really havn’t been concentrating in class, due to some family issues” I lied effortlessy, making my way to his side.

“so what exactly is the family problem you are having?,” he asked curiously, “perhaps I could be of help?” he added softly.

“it’s a long story sir, but I really was wondering if you could help me with special lessons after school, my parents will be willing to pay,” I asked with a sweet smile, while he shrugged and breathed deeply, staring at me as if i asked for something impossible.

“I am not the best at asking for help, But, if you can’t help me, don’t bother, I will
figure out another solution.” I murmured with a coloured face, before turning to leave, surprisingly he grabbed my left hand.

“alright I get off work at 2:30pm, maybe we could be meeting every 4pm at your house, i’m here to serve everyone who needs my help” he said softly, smiling calmly.

“nooo i think your lodge will be much better, i don’t want to give you the stress of trekking to my house every evening” i answered happily, while he shrugged again.

“That would be great,” I heard him say, while my eyes blossomed with joy.

“AT LAST HE IS ALL MINE” i reasoned.

What a silly naughty girl i was….

Episode 2

hours later @home
I spent the next two hours getting ready. It was harder than I had imagined trying to dress up for someone without it looking
like I was trying to dress up for him. I was sure I could come up with a reason as to why I looked dressed up, because I wanted to avoid raising suspicion.

By the end of my “getting ready” I was satisfied. My black skirt was just above my knees, not showing anything off. Over my skirt hung a long red sleeveless
shirt, showing off my firm arms instead of my firm stomach. My
favourite thing about that shirt was how amazing my 36C
b—–s were perfectly viewable.
You could not see the flesh, but you could see every shape they gave off.

Once I decided I was ready, I snuck out the back door and headed to his lodge. I had to sneak out because i hate lying to mum who would find it very strange that I was meeting my teacher, which made the option of sneaking out more preferable.
{Yea i know meeting with a teacher isn’t really a strange thing judging from a normal perspective, but it truly was more of meeting with my
teacher in that outfit which made it more weird, because my dressing wasn’t study appropriate}.

I panicked the whole way to his lodge, with my maths Text book and a note pad tucked in my skirt {pocket}.
I soon got to his room, breathed deeply before calmly knocking on his room door. I was so nervous and excited that i could hear my heart beating furiously in my chest. Knocking on his door was more nerve wrecking than i had imagined, Still I gained up my courage and continued knocking.

“Come in,” his voice finally called through the door and my entire body tingled. I loved the sound of his voice. It was deep and manly.
I took one more deep breathe and made my way into his room,
slowly pushing open the door. He was sitting on a giant mattress that gave his room a peculiar shape.

“Ah,” he smiled as our eyes met.

“Judith” he greeted,

“good evening,” I smiled nervously, shutting the door behind me. I was not
sure if shutting it was a good idea, but i gave it no second thought.

“Nice room” i murmured,

“I find it a little too stuffy,” he laughed,

“hmmm do you?”,
“anyway thank you for meeting with me”, “I really do appreciate” i said polietly before settling down on a plastic chair.

“You generally seem to have no problem with your school work until lately?” he added after a little silence,

“Can I be honest with you?” I blurted out, almost placing my
hand over my mouth.
I had no idea what my brain was doing, but I knew it was a very bad idea.

“I don’t see why not,” he smiled over at me.

“I was thinking about you in the class before you noticed my absent mindedness,” I confessed nervously, my face turning bright red.

“hmmm, please i need the truth, what exactly brought you here?” i instantly heard him ask. His face growing serious, his eyes searching me keenly like a policeman. I froze and cautioned myself. I really was thrown out of balance with his question.

“emm emm,” I murmured, losing my
voice which caught in my throat.

“emm I kind of just wanted to see you
outside of class.” i finally managed to answer. He breathed deeply, crossed his legs and held his jaw like an old man.

I LOST HOPE. I was pretty sure he would throw me out of his room after tongue lashing me. What an embarrassment. I felt very foolish.

“Am i not old enough to fall in love??, what is wrong with this corper?, why is he so uptight?, can’t he read my mind?, what is he feeling like?” i wondered as we stared at each other.

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