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Love Me The Way Roses Grow Day By Day
April 9, 2017
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Somehow in my life I am thinking about love
I am thinking how it corresponds to my needs
Love is the mirror for every man’s desire
Happiness not problems is what I long for with you
Yet strong forces lead your ways to betray me
Betrayal love , I condemn you sink in the bottomless pit
So no more victims again of your false tongue

How nice to look at the way roses grow
They are fantastic yet not automatic
It is not like magic to mean to trick me and you
Little by little petals shimmer like gold
Once resemble all the petals and thorns surround
No human as easy as to freely hold one for it pricks
It should be like your love hard to vanish and forever die
Roses in their full swing is like music

Many ardently in aghast and say oh, wow!
Behold, you cannot just pick one you like
The guards , their thorns are wilder than the Ghurkas
Your hand surely bleeds once forcibly pick one
It’s the thorn that guards from stalk to leaves
But your love cannot protect me and you
For that is not love inside of you
Yours is just a dream to explore in fantasy
Love is nothing to you, it swings no feelings
You cannot detect fake and real thing
Do not ignore love and life for you were born from love
You grow from life so never excuse yourself from these facts
Someday when love strikes upon you
Remember those you rejected because of love

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Mockery will be yours from stars above
The moon will not shine for you
And stars will not twinkle in glee
To let you know how pains were injected
During moments of rejection to a true love
It’s your turn now my friend to feel the pain
If the girl you fall rejects you too, ha!
Carry your own cross to save your soul
For never again could you find a true love
Like mine!

Image by Pixabay

    1. So many betrayal love this time, many abuse the function and purpose of love.Love must not be abused.If love is not felt it should not be forced to come out as an excuse for human being.Love is the best feeling if only realize by false lovers.

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