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The day is here, Valentine day makes the whole environment looks red. this is probably because of the believe that red signifies love.

my  article today is for the celebrations that is on-going….. celebration of love, valentine’s day.

come to think of it. have you ever ask yourself what love is? because if you don’t know the meaning of love, you might not get the main gist of valentine. let us analyze what love is all about as this will help us enjoy the celebration  the more.


and i will tell you what love is NOT.

i will start by saying:

love is not blind.

love is not arrogant.

love is not selfish.

love is not partial.

love is not greedy.

love is not pompous.

love is not proud.

love is not full of itself.

love is not greedy.

love is not terrorism.

love is not selfish.


love does not bear false witness.

love does not kill

love does not exposes the partner’s weaknesses

love does not treat others as a second citizen.

love does not fail.

love does not envy.

So back to the question asked earlier, WHAT IS LOVE?

do you know that God is love?

God is the perfect example of love. no God, no Love.

God so much loves us that He didn’t want us to die.

God so much love us that He sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins.

God loves us so much that He erases our evil past deeds.

God loves us so much that He make us new like a new born baby.

God loves us so much that He send His rain upon both the righteous and sinners, could plant vegetation and eat.

God loves us so much that He never withdrew his shinning sun but makes His sun available for both the Good and the bad.

God loves so much that as the prodigal son, He is always expecting us to come back home.

COME BACK HOME. God is waiting for you.

No love Greater than His love for you.

thanks for reading.

Happy Valentine.




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    1. I am eyeing my family to have the best Valentine’s Day. I don’t have special someone but still, the family is always there. The laughter and eating dinner together are the best scene I can treasure for the rest of my lives. There are so many years for us to celebrate it. If I am ready to love again, she will also be a part of the family to celebrate this special day.

      • whao!!! that’s cool. she must have been so blessed to have you. Love is the key, Love covers all our errors.
        i wish you and your family the best of the day. thanks for the readings and sharing your thought.
        happy valentine to you!
        share love.

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