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lotto a waste of time to play

Do you buy lotto tickets? Me I think it a waste of money .I over hear people talk about their dreams if they win the lottery at one time the lotto money was suppose to go to the school as a add benfit but today the lotto is part of the school budget but what use to be the normal part of the school budget the states took that away. Ok now back to the dreams that people talk about if they win the lottto. I am in the networking markting businees I say the people would have a better chance of their dream doing net work markting. then playing the lotto beccasue network marketing teach people how to turn their dream in to a goal and be able to do it.I have seen people who made thorugh network markting all so know as the MLM business.or private franchinsing there a lot of differnt names and companines out there that are a MLM busisss which is Ok to do in the us. Yes I know some people call the a pymrid scam but to me the real pymrid scam is the co who own the store what that co doing to help the cashier in his store make $100,000. a year nothing but in the mlm business if your sponsor want to make money they will have to teach you how to do it. So you see there a way to make your dream in to a goal and to forget about lotto which just waste your money . Yes that what I say lotto is a waste of money for most people it a long shot to win when the mlm show you how to do it right There a lot of mlm out there today all you have to do is chacke what the number laugh

    1. I consider betting lotto or even jueteng or bingo are just waste of time and also waste of money. I have tried betting on lotto and lotto but never won. I think I have no luck in these games or gambling. I have never experienced winning. Well, per se, I experienced winning three numbers.

      Still, I will not bet religiously. I was just so envy to those I heard who won jackpot.

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