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Literacy Base paid me 20 dollars – Legit Site

In just about 2 months Literacy Base paid me 20 dollars.  It was cakewalk for me. 

There are several areas here at Literacy Base where one can earn. Here is the link that gives all the details

Unlike sites that delay payment inordinately and sometimes do not pay at all and run away,  Literacy Base has kept to the deadline that they have specified. 

Literacy Base is transparent. We know exactly what we will earn.  The longer the post or comment the more will one earn.  No doubt the comments and  blogs need to be informative and the Net should benefit from reading them.

I want to make Literacy Base my home – a place where I can just have my say, talk to the community just as I would to someone in my real life. This I can do in Group discussions where as of now there are around 120 groups.  Anyone can form a group on any subject under the sun and have their say. Pour out their heart and even ask for advice or seek a shoulder to cry on.  I too have created groups on my passions – gardening and photography.

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    1. Congratulations on receiving the payment from LiteracyBase. It is always happy to see someone get paid and also know there is a trusted site around nowadays. It is not easy to find a good site that pays and we enjoy working in it too. I agree with you, the community in LiteracyBase is awesome. I hope LiteracyBase will always stay and we will always have this place for us to hang around.

    2. LiteracyBase is certainly a site that legitimately wants to pay its users. And it’s a site that has so far made efforts to promote quality content, while still allowing members freedom to write about the subjects that matter most to them. There are a lot of good points to LiteracyBase, not the least of which is the fact that there are no limits on our activity and earnings.

      It’s a good site for socializing and participating in group discussions – one of the most active I’m aware of, at the moment. It’s also a good site for trying out one’s writing skills to see what works. Although there isn’t a lot of specific feedback from the admin, it’s possible to see what gets more social sharing and comments. And higher quality posts do earn more, as well. And I do appreciate that the writers here are making great efforts to work on SEO and content promotion – no “potato posts” here, which is very refreshing!

      I’m not sure I’d agree things are entirely transparent at LiteracyBase, though I do have to give the site admin credit for trying to make things clear. I suspect that these are matters that will be cleared up by additional staff as the site grows – provided there is an adequate plan in place to foster that growth.

      I’m cautiously optimistic that LiteracyBase can become a good, solid revenue-sharing site for writers of all kinds. The potential is there. Now we can only wait to see if the writers and staff can together rise to the challenge.

      • Considering they are still in the process of giving the finishing touches to their site they are doing well as far as we are concerned. They pay well. And as for not keeping to the deadline for paying us that happens everywhere. Even a well run site as myLot delays sometimes.

        • If they will maintain and continue with this quality, I will definitely recommend them to all of my pals. No doubt they will lift the trophy among other competitors of their time. I commend their good work and I believe when they are through with the site building, more improvement will commence.

    3. Congratulations on your payment and I’m glad you are doing so well!

      • Hope to see you doing well too.

        • I’ve not been super active lately as I just had surgery, but I wrote a couple articles last night which are waiting to be approved. I hope to hit my first $10 soon!

          • @Lola The only way to reach payout is by being active here. It is fun when that happens. Good Luck with your participation.

    4. Congratulations! Actually I am enthusiastic to hear this good testimony from this forum. This is an opportunity everyone had wanted to have. I am glad am a member. Thanks to LiteracyBase for their immense gesture.

      • To be successful you need to be active. Looking forward to your blogs and comments elsewhere.

        • Thanks so much for your reply. Success in the world is absolutely the application of hard-work and determination. We’ll get there soon!

          • Have you already written any blogs here that have been published? You earn more when you blog.

            • Yes, I have written one, but its still on moderation and approval. Hoping for the approval soon. How long does it take the admin to approve a blog?

    5. Nice to hear this good news from you. It’s not easy to earn USD $20 for a newbie in the first two months, especially when she/ he just started to learn how to and research more on the tips on earning more and fast.
      Keep it up. Well done!
      I will follow you and write more and make this Literacy Base my home as well. Hope to interact more with you and the friends here in the future. Cheers!

      • Navigation here is quite easy. Also you earn with their reward programmes. You must post blogs – even if they are 300 words there is scope to earn 15 cents if the site finds your blog Net worthy.

    6. Well, I guess we had found a legit site. I agree that transparency should be incorporated in every writing sites. Congratulations for having your payment. I can’t wait to experience such excitement from within. It is good news for the people who wanted to earn extra cash.

    7. @bestwriter Congrats on the payment! There was a slight delay this month and I hope this is not repeated in the future. I have been on this site for two months and have been paid twice. I like this site because of it’s pleasant and easy interface but mainly because of the interactive community here. The site is still young and there are only a handful of members who are really active here. I hope now that the site has paid us the second time, this will lure other members to be more active here.

      • That was a slight delay and I do not think it should worry us. The best of sites do that sometimes. It will be great if they paid us the next time on the dot.

    8. @bestwriter, congrats though too long two months, but at least you were paid. I might also receive payment in August.I cannot spend many hours here, the best is only 45 minutes. There are many works in school, hard to manage my time. I only visit here every night after work. How I wish to spend hours here.

      • @cely Compared to other sites 20 dollars in two months is good. I am on another site where I have posted 3 blogs and some other activity. I have earned just about 30 cents so far. And there is yet another site where they have suspended adding points.

    9. You have certainly worked very hard for the money.
      Hope that you will earn a consistent amount from here, and you will write less for more pay.

      • Thanks. Actually it is no hard work for me. I have lots of interests and so creating blogs is not a big problem.May be if LB pays more for my blogs then I will earn more butI will not stop giving vent to my urge to write.

    10. Well done, and your achievement here is a big motivator for me.

    11. congrats my friend for achieving your payments .
      yes, I had received $27 for the past 2 months too.
      LiteracyBase is a legit site for sure and they do pay exactly on the promised date itself.

      I am happy to have find this site after blogjob became stagnant.
      however I wonder how long will LiteracyBase continue to pay us writers when there isn’t any advertisement here?

      • You have a point there. We have to wait and watch. In the meantime I shall participate the way I always have. For me posting blogs comes easily just like you.

      • @peachpurple – Congratulations, thanks for sharing your earnings because as a newbie one of the first things we ask is “how much can I earn”. Seeing comments like this from those who have been paid is really helpful.
        @bestwriter – your success is really encouraging to me, because I now know that my efforts will be richly rewarded. I have been looking for a social community that I could be apart of and Literacybase is the exact type of site that offers writers a place to create and post content that readers will find interesting and want to share.

    12. @bestwriter, that is too bad suspending adding points.There is nor reason why stay so long on that site without due process.I could not imagine the fairness of that site, better leave that site and concentrate only to a better paying site.

    13. $ 20 not bad, i hope i can get $20 too

    14. Glad to hear this good news. I hope all of us here can make money here with a quality input, 20USd is a quite good figure, I would say. How many hours do you spend here average for making this USD20?
      I think USD10 could be the max figure for all the users here, do correct me if I am wrong.
      However, no pain no gain, no effort no harvest, everyone here have to be hardworking for making this hard earn money,I believe. As there is no passive income at all at LB, so no element of LUCK here, all about effort and hardworking.
      Thus, I think for all of us who still stick here, it could be due to LB is still alive and keep its promise.
      As mentioned by Bestwriter(?am I get it right?), there are so many US blog hub just shut down and run away suddenly. We all faced one recently, i.e Chatabout. The website just terminated suddenly without our notice. I would say this is a very bad practice I have ever seen.
      In this aspect, the Bubblew which shut down last year has taken it better, the management did come out and let the users knew what were they facing and how they going to solve it, although they still failed at the end.
      This is my opinion.

    15. Just started here on literacybase, well from my point of view I think that it a great platform for making a couple a buck in your pockets.
      Not gonna just blow up in one day as known that every good business or plan takes its time to grow as long as theres steady input aim towards its striving.

      You know what I think ?
      I think that every good business need it’s own unavoided attention to grow, weither it be in the physical or in the virtual world.

      Great post I like see us all grow benefiting from this an opportunity.

    16. Yes Literacy Bess site is one of the nest sites that pays in time and I have read in any article that my articles are not approved soon is no problem every site has its terms and conditions therefore approval is not a problem but the problem is that your articles must genuine and original written in good English and the article should be informative and free of grammatical errors as most of the people make using software is a bad habit.

      First watch around you and you will find a lot of topic material in the e surrounding and think on what the topic you want to write. It is a good business on the internet but you must know how to write and what to write and for what purpose to write.

      In one or two days Literacy Base approves your articles after checking as I have seen with my articles. Up till now I have submitted 21 articles all have been approved because the material is original and no copy no cheating no software using for writing.

      We must spread Literacy Base site among the people so that it could get popularity all over the world. We all have to work for it at one platform.

      • I see you post really long articles. Longer the posts more is the payment. You must have already reached payout not once but even more times.

    17. I have always been looking for a site that pays and have never came across any. I am new to this site but it seems to be legit and is a very in formative site where you get to meet intelligent people. It is not only a site where you can earn money but also a platform where one can equip his or her self with knowledge.

    18. Am a newbie member here am looking forward to see what can offer to me as i will always try my best to write best imformation i ever hear or read. To see people and reading their testimony about this site means they they the best among to compare with the money earnig site out they, is good to keep promise with people esphecially when such people beliver you will not disappoint them, litercybase keep it on, and May God Almighty be your Strength, am new here never too understand this site very well but am looking forward to do well.

    19. Tell us how u made it.

    20. Wow! Its nice to know that your effort had been paid off! 😉

    21. Congratulations, I am new here.Trying to earn.But don’t know how to start.

    22. I am new here, and got interested when a friend from myLot told me about this nice site. Having paid $20 for you two month’s efforts is already nice , just a proof that this site cares well for its members. I hope this site will last for so long, and another thing, I wish the admin make the site easier to navigate and be user-friendly specially on editing published posts. There should be an “edit” button at the end of each post.


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