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Let Your Will Be Your Way

Many times you feel frustrated, you feel agitated to bring about yourself to the world. All those things which bug you and irritate you keep on piling up more and more; and it becomes so that you can not take it all whatsoever, while those things begin to overwhelm you, that you feel the need to release your pent-up energy. You feel like screaming on top your voices to tell the world that you have had enough, that you can’t take it anymore, and that you are not going to compromise any longer. But if it all becomes futile, you feel like running away from this life and hiding yourself where no one could ever find you again. You are trying to escape not from this life or its ‘not so mundane’ matters but from yourself. You are escaping from you. You are running away from yourself. You are letting these things, whether petty or not, take a considerable portion of your life. You are letting them own you and drive you at their will. You are submitting to your own miseries. You are a slave to your own supposed futilities. You are a lapdog, or so you think, to your own escaping nature.


Certainly you have forgotten that your will is stronger than anything in the world. If you have lost faith on your will then what it may do. Because you are your own will. You know exactly when to give up and when to strive. Or maybe, you know not. You have fallen victim to your own little insecurities. A little frustration tempts you. A little failure defeats you. And you stop trying at all. You haven’t tried enough because striving seems like an affair huge enough to you that you can engage to it no more. You are troubling yourself on your own. You think troubles are troubling; but let me tell you what’s more troubling – your failure to understand things, or your viewpoint that you know everything, and that’s the reason these troubles are annoying you.


Let your will be your way. Let it be your shield; let it me be your sword. Let it be your way. Let it drive the soul in you, that never dies and will never die, so you may face anything. Let it be your guide, when you have been blinded by your disbelief, as it will lead you to your salvation. Let it be your faith. Let it be your hope. And above all else, let it be you that you will never succumb to your own miseries, to your own little insecurities, and to your own frustrations. Let your will show you, guide you, move you, and drive you. Let it be a force so potent that you may outlast the oceans of your troubles, that you may gain wisdom to gauge every little thing as it is and as it isn’t, and that you may become a better you than you were yesterday, and you are right now.

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