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Learning From the Mistakes of Others
March 16, 2017

It is said that average people learn from their own mistakes, intelligent people learn from the mistakes of others, and stupid people never learn.

Those in the Netherlands have proven they are intelligent.

For about a year, that is from March 2016 to March 2017, Geert Wilders, the ‘far right’ candidate was gaining massive support.   He was clearly anti-Islam, anti-immigrant, anti-European Union.   Many people in Holland were also anti-Islam, anti-immigrant, and questioning their part in the European Union.

People were going to vote for Geert Wilders.

That was before the United States of America elected Donald Trump.

The world has watched with a mixture of mirth and horror as this hate filled semi-literate took office.  They reeled in shock at the lies he spewed, his childish behaviour, his retarded speech, and his ignorance.

It was not that a distinguished gentleman spewed, in the height of politically correct language, his racist rhetoric, and his misguided policies, it was that a guy as respectable as a rum shop drunk blathered, repeating himself, going on and on in the most offensive manner.

People in the Netherlands had too much self-respect to allow a far right candidate to take office.  Not that Wilders was expected to speak as uneducated and uncouth as Trump, but that they could not take the chance he would make the Netherlands the laughing stock of Europe.

People in the Netherlands went out to vote, the highest turn out in thirty years.   They voted against Wilders.   They voted against him because of Donald Trump.

Those in France and Germany who share the ‘far right’ sentiments, might very well NOT vote for the far right in fear they will find themselves with Trump.

Find themselves with a divisive clown with a spoiled brat mentality who believes that he is entitled and everyone else is not.   Find themselves being ridiculed and seeing their country fall apart.


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