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Learn how to deal with stress

In our world as we grow from childhood into adulthood, we start to learn more and more about the responsibilities that we have to take on,and we begin to understand how this world really works .As a child we don’t get to have the control to go where we want and do want we want ,but we as kids desire to become older and be able to do as we want .Then when we become that free adult we begin to miss being a kid because it seemed to be more easy knowing that we didn’t have to work so much,or pay bills,or even deal with the major responsibilities that we took on stepping into adulthood. Everyone always seems to enjoy a new born baby ,everyone wants to hold it and watch it .how ever when you become a adult and your childhood innocence leaves you ,then you begin to take on reputations of not being so favoured for your company. I hear so many people say how nice it would be to go back in time knowing what they know as they have gained understanding of this life growing old .I think the reason for our lives seeming to get more hard in stress growing up ,is due to the fact of how our culture and society has been negatively influenced through a multiple source of indoctrinated programs. The first is the government and how they have put to gather fake wars that have been dictated by greedy banks,and there right and left wing divide and conquer strategies. I also see this social break down in the entertainment industry with the sex and violence ,mix with hysteria .I have learned how to better deal with stress knowing where its coming from and how the stress is designed by cultural and institutions that  create a (Order out  of Chaos) environment. Its learning what mind control is and how and what devices are being used to cause mind control ,and then avoiding those devices and removing self away from the center of it .Its also been helpful to learn about meditation and how to get at least one hour to yourself each day to pray or relax the body and (Mind) being able to identify what things in your life are stress triggers. Its important for me to learn about these things that cause stress and why ,so that I can better myself as a individual and be able be a positive influence on others around me,and then I can help them to understand how I deal with stress and or avoid most of it. If we as people could learn how to search ours self in this matter ,it would help our culture and society to be a more loving and caring environment. I hope that who ever comes across this article ,can give me feed back on what they think. Please share with me things you have been able to due to better deal with stress,or how you are able to avoid most of it. If people would really work on their behavior and how they show respect to others then we could be so much more as culture and society. Even though people leave childhood innocence and become adults ,we can seem to be grown up but act like a crybaby, and be a child but show more maturity then grown people!

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