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League of legends daily – bad teammates

Geez, bad teammates everywhere. Today I played some League (attention: If you know nothing about the game then I don’t recommend reading this article as you will understand nothing) and decided to play some mid lane as it is my second best and second favorite position besides jungle. So I picked Ryze in the champ select, and my enemy was Master Yi mid lane.

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At the start, I had a solid game with some nice plays, but mostly I was focused on farming. My enemy was an unusual pick, Master Yi mid lane, technically I should have destroyed him in the late game but it did not go well as planned. Thanks to my Jungler’s gank I got first blood assist on him, but he got some early kills too. I tried my best not to lose my lane as I was farming and got some kills myself against the dude and hopefully other lanes can push, but a big NO.

Bot lane were Akali and Camille (heeey AKALI and CAMILLE, those two champions could play anywhere but NOT bot lane, holy moly) and my enemy team they had a normal pick Jinx and Riven. Bot lane was somehow balancing and we did not lose many turrets but the thing is our top lane reached the culmination.

In the top lane we have our Tryndamere, but as enemies were playing without jungle he had to play against 2 players simultaneously. He was playing against Garen and other Tryndamere. They destroyed him late game, with his enemy Undying rage and Garen’s tankyness.

But my play was neither perfect, I should replay the game now and re-watch it as to see where was the moment that I screwed up and threw my game. Probably when we fought 3 opponents with my jungler, we left them on very little HP and didn’t manage to take even one kill. Such moments never fail to piss me off.

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