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Lately I Experienced Bad Take Out Service
March 27, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 7.36.34 PMLately, I been encountering lack of service in well known take out and restaurant spots. I am not quite sure if the employees are to blamed for as pure laziness or if management is lacking over the quality control. I think it is a combination of both and other factors also.

Places I have lacked service:

  1. Pizza Take Out – Occasionally, my fiancé and I would order pizza for take out. When you order take out: for your pizza you could usually ask for parmesan cheese, crushed red peppers, plates, and napkins or all the above at no additional cost. Well, normally I would pay and tip the cashier then be asked if I want anything. I asked for a couple of plates and napkins only because I do not need parmesan cheese or crushed red peppers – we actually do not eat them. I was told they do not have any more plates but he could give me napkins. How could you possibly not have any more plates? He showed me the bag that was empty, but I am sure there are more in the back somewhere. I would understand if the store was busy but at the time I went to go pick up the pizza, no one was on line and no calls were being taken. If I had known, I would not tip just for the sake of tipping!
  2. Chinese Take Out – In order to eat your food no matter dining in or taking out – you need utensils right? Well, upon leaving with my food that I just ordered for take out, I went to grab a fork and they did not have. Not even one left, so I asked for a fork. They apologized and said they do not have any forks. So, how will people eat the food? Given they do have chopsticks however the store just opened and not everyone wants to use a wooden chopstick.
  3. American Restaurant – After grocery shopping, I wanted a quick lunch, but not a full entree, so I ordered a kids meal. Upon arrival – I had a long wait and to go to my car and realize they were missing a side dish of the kids meal. Had I forgot the side dish, that is already half of the kids meal.

Who is there to blame for?

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    3. Generally, the newly opened restaurants should take proper care of the things the customer expects whether for eating in or take away. We are very cautious about the things when we order for taking away. In some medium sized restaurants (not newly opened ones) they will have some additional stuff meant for taking away.
      We call this ‘take away’ items as ‘parcels’. They parcel out everything very liberally as most of them will be stale and supple and even do not keep the things in order.

      Once, for the new year party, I bought a BIRYANI. I did not notice what he was packing., I made a packet and kept it in a beautiful bag. After reaching home when the packet was opened it was quite horrible., Moreover, the item I ordered was a Veg one but I got a non-veg one. I really felt very bad about that. Took the packet back and could only replace it with another item as they did not accept to refund the amount paid.


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