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Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream Review
December 8, 2016
Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream Review

I don’t put eye creams regularly since I just stay at home but whenever I apply makeup, I make sure I have a tad of it applied under my eye. I learned from the makeup class I attended years ago with Bobbi Brown that applying eye creams (and well, basically moisturizing your face) before putting on makeup is a crucial step to make sure your skin won’t get dehydrated especially if you are wearing makeup the whole day. And since learning of the importance of applying a good moisturizer, especially the under eye area because it is super sensitive and easily dries, I always make sure to buy a good quality product that goes well with my concealer!

For my concealer, I regularly use the one from Bobbi Brown. It has a creamy consistency and works well with my favorite eye cream from Clinique. I was a loyal Clinique All About Eyes fan but Kiehl’s had a promotion for their skin care products, I decided to try Kiehl’s Eye cream for a change. And for that, I bought Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream.


Unlike Clinique’s milky color, Kiehl’s eye cream looked slightly greenish. I even smelled if it was scented and was glad it wasn’t. So after I took a bath and to start with my skin prep for makeup, I dabbed my finger inside the jar to get a bit of product. I applied it evenly on my undereye and I noticed in an instant it was different to the Clinique product I got used to.

One, I noticed a slightly (very slight) stinging sensation on my first application. I am not sure whether it is just my eye area adjusting to the new product I am using but it went away after a couple of seconds. But the sensation was hard to miss – I actually thought I will tear up.

Second, it is easily absorbed by my skin. Well, this one got me divided because I like that my skin gets all the moisture from the product. But unlike the Clinique All About Eyes cream, it doesn’t help me in applying my concealer. Mostly because the eye cream is almost non-existent by the time I apply the concealer, it takes me a bit more time to even out the concealer and glide the brush around my eye area.

Third, I need to use more of the product in comparison to Clinique. Because my skin absorbs the product rapidly, I had to apply more of it in comparison to Clinique. Now, I think this part is not that cost-effective since this jar of eye cream costs more than the Clinique eye cream!
Overall, I was glad I tried Kiehl’s but I don’t think I will repurchase it anytime soon – especially if on a  regular price.

Maybe if it goes on sale again, I’ll buy again. But this is a product I will not miss for sure!

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