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Kelloges cereal with dry fruits review
April 10, 2017

Kelloges cereal with dry fruits review, this is for cereal lovers who like to eat it as chips at times or eat it with cake or with milk

some friends eat it with juice, that is really not for me though like trying.

I want to review today a breakfast that I bought after my friend advised me. its cereal with fruit, her food for ages. The flavor and is mainly raisin and that was satisfying but the bars was hard to eat alone and that is how I like to eat cereal at time


cereals with fruits is good with milk so that sufficient to try eat it. the quality was ok but still it is hard to eat, though its filled with milk.


Though the taste was delightful, I stopped it, though when I wake up is my favorite food is cereal I kept it on my table then after weeks throw it. However, some may like the cereal and don’t mind its hardness since it is healthy. Most cereals are having vitamin added to it and some minerals too, some also have sugar, I guess whats makes it hard like this its richness of fiber . This cereal is a very tasty but not for me to eat it on dialy basis. Yes, still I recommend it for those of you that like their cereals hard. However, the biggest downside is it is pricy, those who like there cereals little soggy, will not like this, and sure it not for kids it will break their teeth or hurt their throats, it is also not for old people they may chock eating so does the ids

hope you like this review and enjoyed reading it and benefit from it, I do not say that this is not good but I wrote the pros and cons of this food so you decide it suits you or not

vitamins are A and B twelve

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    1. I am a foodie, so I love cereal. I never miss out on my cereals, if anyone comes without dried fruits, I simply add mine. I do a lot of drying at home, from pineapples to bananas, apples, mangoes etc. The taste so good with cereal, besides fibers are good for you. Oats are a regular for me daily, keeps me full longer. I

    2. I used to like cearal but now, not fan cereals any more, I prefer to eth really fresh food like apple banana or toastfrunch fries or cheese bread or jam and honey or zatar and olive oil with bread, of falafel fresh tasty and i love its taste it make me full to the lucnh time, try it friend


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