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“Kamuning Returned,” Where Could She Had Been?
March 25, 2017

After two days of being gone, I was so happy yesterday morning when my pet cat,”Kamuning” showed up near our gate.

She looked so dirty, weak and could hardly eat when I gave it food. I thought maybe someone who got irked on her, could had held her up, caged her or tied her to prevent from getting in their kitchen.

Kamuning has a blue collar, so anyone who could see her will know that someone owns the cat, or it is somebody’s pet cat. Kamuning was a feral cat, and I adopted it thinking it could guard against snakes or rats around our house. She is a good hunter as we observed her to be.

Kamuning is Well-fed

I thought that Kamuning could had looked for other food, because she might no longer wanted the dry cat food (pellets) that I am giving her. Often, she would just nibble a bit of her food then leave it. Or maybe it is but natural for cats to eat a little from time to time, except when they are very hungry.

Maybe the house owner or person who held Kamuning for two days hated cats! It’s good he did not hurt or killed her. But I thought they could had hurt her because when she showed up, it looked frightened.

The Cat Recovered

After I fed and gave it clean water, the cat rested on my lap. It looked so weak so I allowed it to rest on the couch. After a few hours, it became lively again, it came out of the yard and began “surveying” the surroundings. He is our yard guard against snakes or rats!

Then in the afternoon, I gave it a warm bath, because it looked so dirty, and I do not want to touch her because I could not tell where she had been. She also goes up in our bed, so I want it to be always clean.

Taking Care of Kamuning So Well

I felt so sad when Kamuning was gone. I realized I am attached to her, emotionally. So I asked a neighbor to give us one of her kittens when her pregnant cat gives birth. Now, we do not have to get another pet cat because Kamuning returned. We will be watchful now that she had came back to prevent another “missing” incident.

Photo shows “Kamuning” my cat.

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    1. Happy to know that your cat, kamuning had safely returned home.

      May brother is also a cat lover. He has two cats and he named them Kala and Yaan. He named them these because he found them as stray cats during Independence Day.

      • Yes, I was so happy she came back! Your brother’s cats have very nice names. I thought he is such a nationalistic person so he named them from “kalayaan” (freedom). I named it Kamuning, sometimes “Kapusa” from my favorite TV station “Kapuso” GMA-7.

    2. happy she came back, some do not, they got lost for ever and really the owners maybe suffer to much, so its really a magic or bless that she came back and safe, congrats and have a good day


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