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The Joy of Retiring in a Semi Rural Town
October 31, 2016
SOLITAIRE_The Joy of Retiring in a Semi Rural Town

After a pretty long stint in the Metro – a place where the adjective ‘crowded’ precedes everything that one finds there – shops,  banks,  roads,  churches,  markets,  post offices,  trains – living here in a semi rural town  is almost heaven.

We do everything at our own pace. People recognize each other be it your bank manager, shopkeeper, even the fisher woman that sells fish will spend some time talking to you.

We decided to shift to this place where my husband bought some land. I had this dream to build my own house designed by me. And that dream became a reality. I could never have imagined owning such a place in the Metro where land rates are beyond any ordinary citizen. Gardening being my passion I have enough space here to indulge in it.

Metros are meant for youngsters and not for the retired.


There are many benefits when seniors decide to leave behind city life and settle down in a semi rural town

1.Whatever percentage of seniors that percentage of housing, jobs and other amenities will be left for youngsters to fetch them.

2.With shift in thinking no two generations can live under one roof

3.Youngsters get an opportunity to spend their holiday with their seniors in a sprawling place which is what seniors get to own.

4.The longing between the two generations increases and that cements love between the two. Trampling on each other’s toes living under one roof would be a thing long forgotten.

  1. Juniors are at peace when they think of their seniors having a peaceful existence far from the madding crowd.

One needs to plan one’s retirement well in advance as last minute decisions will spell disaster.

Seniors should try and understand that juniors need their time to care for their family and should as far as possible rely on society rather than on their  children.

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    1. That works as long as the seniors can afford to hire help to do the things I used to do for my mother. We lived in separate homes not far from each other, but there came a time when she needed my help even to find the right help I could not provide for her. We lived in the city when young and in the suburbs later when we had children. Then we moved to a rural area. Now we are in a small city again because our rural home just wasn’t functional as we became more disabled. We still aren’t sure what we will do if we can’t manage here on our own, since we don’t have children to do what we did for our parents.

      • That a day will come when things change is what one should be aware of and plan for that day. Having said that even if one gets a few years of joy is good enough I think compared to what life would be sticking to city life.


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