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it time for me to get strick with me with my budget

I need to get real strict with my budget
why do I need to get real strict with my budget? because one my hours at work have all ready been cut two with the rain I can not open my food cart so I am getting low on funds . so what the first thing to do ? one do not use my credit cards for personal stuff like food clothes etc, why do I do not cut them up? If you seen a past post of mine you know I use my credit cards as working capital for my hot dog cart business. this is why I do not cut up my credit cards. the only other place I use my credit card is If I need a co pay for a doctor visit that it. I did use my credit card for a down payment of a truck this is why the payment high on this credit card. so I be working on that soon to get the min payment down as fast as possible. Now if it stop raining in my area I be making money selling hot dogs and more. I should been doing this today but the weather is real nasty out that why I did not set up I would made no money on it. Soon I will look for other way to make money on line one is my bottom business I need to get strict with my self and start working on this now I do not need good weather for this to do this plus I need to do this now so people can order what they want and then I can send it to them before the Christmas’s holiday start. why do I need to do the photo button business now? because I do it by hand.
so the are the things I need to get done.

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