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IT the stephen king book
April 12, 2017

Do you like to read It or have you read it already?

IT is one of its kind, hard to tell if its horror or love or what, its old book but many still read it

In a small town far away Derry maine, lives seven kids, they grow up together and shared a lot together, they are joined in a club band known in the town as losers. These children has to fight the pure evil but they have to fight now or wait twenty seven years to try fight devil again, since the he shows every twenty seven years only to devore the children if that town. The trick is that eveil comes in the dancing clown image, that is Bob gary or penywise any way the kids were able to kill him or they think, yes they think because aftet twenty seven what happen? He shows again and they have to fight him and kill him as big boys

This book is not only horror book, its friendship book too, you will remember the friendship at young age

Its how kids face the world together, how they dream together,

It is book pulished on 1986 and that is really old book but people still like to read more from Stephen king

The name of the book IT means the devil, devil is it

The kids who are 6 boys and 1 girl the childhood friends, unite to fight

Though its horro you will like their friendship and feelings, love, fear from childhood to adult life. Seven kids had to cross the bridge.

It shows you how to live in love and live in fear, life.

for those who do not know the author he is american writer for horror books, and for ages he wrote and people read and liked, are you one of them or you do not like horror books?

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