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Is Religion Still Relevant In The Computer Age?

The coming of the Computer Age or Digital Age or Information Age has revolutionizes, changes, and affects almost every facets of human life on earth including religion.

The Computer Age practically breaks and transcends any physical or geographical boundaries or limitation; in other words even time and place is no longer an obstacle in the cyber highway.

Such being the case, the ushering in of new technological knowledge and tools has a great impact on the way we think, the way we interact with our fellow human beings, the way we view our self, the way we view the universe, and even the way we view God itself.

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Religion as Old as Civilization Itself

   We all know that religion is as old as humanity itself. Man’s quest for an explanation and the meaning of everything around him and even the mystery of life itself has lead humanity to search for the meaning of his or her life and destiny in the universe: where we came from, the reason why we exists and where we are going.

Man’s search or quest for meaning lead him to create or establish religion in all of its many forms: a religion that could somehow satisfy all of humanities question about life or if not to satisfy all questions, to give something to believe in, to give some hopes, to give assurance and something to satisfy one’s longing.

The present Computer Age or Digital Age is rooted in modernization and the advanced of scientific knowledge and thinking. One of the effects of which is to shake the very foundation of humanity’s long held belief and assumption that religion has offer.

Our present age is quite different from the bygone history of mankind.  It is characterize by doubt and skepticism, of hunger and thirst for a deeper and meaningful explanation of life itself beyond those offered by the traditional religions.

The Future of Religion

There are five major religions in the world where almost 84% of the world population of 7.5 billion belongs to, namely: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other folk religion.

Taking into account that data, it is most likely that religion will always be here with us to stay for quite a long long time, despite modernization, despite the advance of science and despite our present Computer Age.

To wipe out religion as part of human civilization is to weaken civilization itself. Religion has played a part in the past history of mankind, it keeps on playing its role today, and there’s no doubt in my mind that it will still play a vital role in human civilization and society in the not too distant future.

Religion is a potent force not only on the individual level but even on the national level. For many, its serves as an anchor of support in this uncertain world, a place of solace and comfort for those who are searching for a deeper and more colorful meaning of life and existence.

No modernist idea or ideologies could ever replace the role of religion in human consciousness.

On this score and in this sense, Karl Marx might be right when he says that religion is indeed the “opium” of the people.


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    1. Yes…you are right to above mentioned article about religion. Origin of religion is cosier as old as human civilization trying to become as a setelled community. Why it happened to necessity of religion. It is a very deep question relating religion.
      Some tells that it was fear which in forms of nature and animals first introduced. Then after to control over community. This feature of religion continued for long periods with worshiping their ancestors also. Both there were several drawbacks of this type of religion. Some people became mighty and some very weak.As always be ,mighty oppresses weaker section. Then all times of history there come a great human being to save weaker section with his thoughts .His ideas and teachings take a form of of religion. Follower of those teachings are considered as different community. Cristianity, Islam,Buddhism are those type of religions started by such great human beings.
      They presented an example of simple living and there are billions of followers of above mentioned religions.
      In modern computer age as education and technology is growing importance of it is reducing it has still a great impression of society.Society run according to the religious format.Bith ,marriage and death all customs related are associated with it.

    2. The blog is nice and good but for the mention of the Carl Marx quote which is totally absurd. Marx himself is a communist and the communist could never lead a happy role in any place on the planet. For Marx this may be Opium. Why the Head of China is worried about Mr. Dalai Lama’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh. The Prime Minister Mr. Li Peng is feeling chill of his backbone with the visit of Mr. Lama.
      Religion is not made. It is a combination of a set of principles and guidelines that can satisfy the people of their doubts with regard to birth, death, and afterlife as you said rightly.
      This is important for a peaceful living of a set of community in a proposed area without being overlapped by any other faiths of any other groups or religious belief.
      What we are calling development, technology, modernization is all the thrown-out remains of the Ancient cultures and Civilizations. They used them all, researched on everything, finally thrown them aside as did not satisfy their needs except creating unrest among various people. The dirt which they have thrown out has become a great technological development for us and we are still playing like kids calling ourselves developed which is not at all a truth. The ancients are far superior in their knowledge than the modern scientists. Their way of dealing with nature was confined to four corners of a Laboratory. They enjoyed nature, they played with it and finally drafted rules which appear now, as scriptures in various religions which unfortunately we do not comprehend and keep them aside as TRASH. We are actually a big trash thrown out of their culture.
      Even after the so-called development, we are guided by inhibitions, doubts, unrest, poverty, selfishness, xenophobia, hydrophobia, our own safety, our own society, our own belief (narrowed down to lanes and streets)and even territorial jurisdiction. If we are really developed we should have broken the boundaries laid down by Religions. We are not doing it, and we can not.

      If by chance, anybody takes a step to cross the boundaries then he will find ultimately that what he said was already mentioned in the religious scriptures. We talk about love, passion, etc., These are already mentioned in the Bible. We talk about humanism which is already played important roles in the administration of the Ancient Rulers.

      To conclude, we achieved a big NIL. When we question ourselves as to the achievements we made with our technology, there is nothing to be proud of. Only some BIKINIS (EVEN these were available IN India and worn by INDIAN SADHUS on the Seashores) We are already bikinied (making one finally naked) by our administrators with false promises on Development and service.

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