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Is It A Sin to Love Someone while Loving Somebody?

Love is the most powerful feeling that people experience in their lives. The feeling of being as a whole with someone is the best thing to know the importance of love. Others can be submissive to a person whom he or she loved. That’s the power of love as they said. It should be pure and no particular standard to check. Life will not be complete to someone devoted with.

There are times that some people became so selfish. The mere fact is that they are in a relationship. However, the catch is this person still thinking his or her ex-partner. Some people cannot understand why someone can still love their ex-partner despite having in a new relationship. “Is it unfair moment?” In some way, it is too unfair for a person to feel this way. This person is silently cheating their new partner in life.

Loving the ex-partner is always part of life. He or she can move on and find new love, but he or she can never forget the past relationship. They can set aside for the sake of loving someone or somebody. It is called a new chapter of his or her life. This is a normal feeling for someone who never stops believing in true love.

On the other hand, if a person keeps on thinking his or her ex-partner; then there is something wrong here. This means that the person is not fully healed from the past relationship. The course of action is to end the new relationship to stop silent betrayal. It is the time to soul search and let the course of nature heal the heart for the lost love. In time, a person’s heart would be able to reach out someone if they are ready to love again. Some experts even advise diverting the feeling to taking good care of a pet or to grow plants for a long period of time. If they survived, then this person is ready to love somebody out there.

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    1. Ex should be ex already. On the first place, if you have parted ways because one of you cheated, then there’s no use thinking of that ex who cheated on you. You should put the memories in the trash can. he he he

      And to be able to move on, remove all the things that can remind you of him. Socialize and go out with friends. Block him from your social media account and don’t entertain the teasing of friends that he wants to come back to you.

      Most of all, love yourself so you can finally move on.

      • I think it is so unfair to think about the ex. It should be buried as this person walks away from your life. I do agree with you that he or she should socialize or do things to catch up that he or she used to do. Take the time to cut off any communications possible to this particular person.

    2. If one can not forget his ex, then he is still in love with her. It would be unfair to his present girlfriend or partner. There should be loyalty and
      they should both focus on each other.

      • It is definitely unfair. I think people who are brokenhearted should not fall into a rebound situation to a new partner. It can never be a happy ending. The end result, the feeling will be a de javu. The relationship will not last.

    3. We all are born a sinner, rather you want to accept it or not. Yes, in my opinion,it is a sin to love someone while loving somebody else. I will explain my reasons why I feel this way. Loving somebody else when you already love someone is not a healthy scenario. People can become hurt throughout the relationship because of this. It can cause friction between you and your significant other.

      Some people in relationships,hold on to their past relationship, which causes doubt in a new relationship if it is not dealt with.It is important for this person to seek out help,if needed to get over the past relationship. Sometimes, your significant other can help you to a certain extinct. You have to want to receive this advice,especially if this one loves and cares about you.

      When you are able to accept that you do have a problem of not letting your past go by still loving this person, you will be able to learn to accept the new love of your life. If you are not ready to stop loving the old love,then do not put your significant other through the hurt and pain that you will be causing because you still love the other.

      So many things can go wrong. If you think that you can love someone and love somebody else, it is not possible. You will never be able to give the new love all of you, because your energy in the relationship will not be fully focused on your new love. Your new love will not be able to grasp your actions because you will definitely become distant towards your significant other.

      The only proper solution of this kind of reaction towards loving your new love is to let your past love go! Give your new relationship a chance to build and grow to become a great relationship. Be committed to treat your new partner just as you would want to be treated. That is a healthy relationship. Commitment, Honesty and Respect, will carry your new relationship a long way with recovery. Sometimes you will have to develop to those common grounds!

      • I do agree with you. It is better to secure your love and don’t give hope to the significant one. This is not fair. It is better to open up and find the new relationship a chance to cherish the new love. We can consider this as the new chapter of life. If the feeling is so strong and can still remember the old love, it is better to end the relationship and take the time to heal the shattered heart.

    4. This is my opinion and I can only speak for myself and not as a general rule.

      I don’t think it is fair to love someone while loving another one. There is always a much greater love between your two loves.

      Loving is an unconditional thing. You either love that person or you don’t.

      Loving someone because of a certain traits she possesses and loving the other because of the lack of trait of that other person. Then you are not loving anyone as a whole person.

      You only love that person partly because of the trait you love in that person. That is not loving, that is wanting.

      Love needs a lot of sacrifices. If you can sacrifice your wants, then I can say you are truly in love.

      • At some point, some people mind be blinded with the real truth of the bad traits of significant others; it means that you are loving someone despite the flaws. If we set standards of loving someone, it won’t work. Because the person you are loving with will change just to please you. Thus, you are not loving the real person he or she is. I agree that it needs to give full of effort to make the relationship works.

    5. My question now is, how many times should you forgive the person who wronged you?

      Like for example, your partner who you love so much cheated on you, how many times will you forgive his/her cheating?

      • For the traditional way of thinking, I think they can be a martyr to their partner. They can’t let go and accept the fact of being cheated. I am speaking for women who never stop loving their partners who are distinguished to be a womanizer. This is commonly seen in Asian countries. Loving someone is like a fairy tale and still, believes that their partner will change in time.

        Through the years, the way of thinking had changed in dealing with the cheaters. Some women had been influenced by western countries. They need to stop the habitual cheating of their partner. Once is fine, but if it is more than once then that’s too much.

        We can forgive the wrongdoing, but we can also forget the person who did it. It is a part of moving on and never be cheated anymore. Martyrdom is not a trend for common people like us. We need to chase happiness and not to suffer.

    6. I am still confused. Who is wrong here. Is the new love who is possessive or the person who still have feelings for ex? Is possessiveness from, the new love wrong?

      • It is simply a person who still love his or her ex. But, he or she is in a new relationship. I hope it cleared up your mind.

    7. I think in this time, I am done thinking of anyone haha 🙂

      • I agree. It is good to be in love again. We can think of nothing but love oneself. It is the best thing to do before loving others.

    8. I am not sure if it is a sin, but it is quite unfair for the person you are loving at present to find out that you are also in love with someone else. If you put yourself in their situation, what would you feel. For sure you will find it unfair. If someone can’t stop it they need to have a choice or decision. They need to choose who will they fairly love.

      However, it is easy to said than done. When I am in that situation if will be hard on me to give up one for sure but I can’t have both so I need to choose from them, no matter how complicated it is.

      • I know it is difficult. If Adam and Eve fell into such situation. We, as humans the descendant of the two couple committed a sin. The temptation is like a curse and it started when they had eaten the forbidden fruit.

        I do think it is really unfair. That’s the reason why the person needs to recover and move on. Once you are ready to love again, then it is about time to entertain others. We don’t want to make the relationship a rebound.

    9. Loving someone or more than one is never been a SIN but if your THIS TYPE OF LOVE hurts someone who loved you the most, it is likely a SIN(in my view). Sometimes some SINS done by us which we couldn’t help! Then it’s literally difficult to come out from this situation.

      • This is the type of a relationship that needs to think it over and over again. It is fine to love two people at the same time in different levels. But, it should be fair for a person who being officially in a relationship. It is better to stop the relationship if not sure loving someone fully. For some situation, loving two people at the same time will not be the best thing to do. It is considered a sin.

    10. For me it becomes a sin if the ex pretends the feeling is still there and all the time ready to embrace you back which is just lie, so that makes it a sin for God said : Do not tell a lie. I hope this time you have moved on my friend.

      • @lovern That’s the terrible thing to do. I think I was still lucky in knowing the ex- is playing around and trying to reconcile because she is practicing the deception. I had moved on, my friend. There will be no second chance for me now.


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