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International Terrorism: A Modern Day Curse

      The day September 11, 2001 will not only live in infamy but the day that the world lost its innocence as to what jihadist fanaticism can do. Since that very day and after the post 9/11 the world will never be the same again.

The constant threat of terrorism lead by radical-Islamist belief will pose and will continue to pose a clear, present and continuous danger for everyone and for every nation whenever and wherever terrorism rears its ugly head.

Indeed the rise of terrorism or international terrorism for that matter is a modern day phenomenon not to say every one concerns.

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Clash of Civilization

Is the rise of Radical Islam a result of the clash between the West and the Islamic Religion? What are the principal objectives of International Terrorism? These are only some of the vital questions in the minds of so many people around the world.

It cannot be deny today that there are so many terrorist groups existing in the different parts of the world. It cannot also be deny that these terrorist groups are using the Religion of Islam as justification for their jihadist action. They are twisting the true meaning and correct interpretation of some passages of the Holy Koran in order to suit and tailor their own brand of twisted ideology of radicalism.

How can Islam itself which is said to be a “religion of peace” countenance any terrorist acts or action like that of Isis or Isil? I don’t subscribe to the idea and I don’t believe for a single second that the reason why these terrorist are doing what they are doing is in order to defend the Islamic Faith.

The West has never declares any war on Islam as a religion. Neither does the whole Christendom in modern times declares any religious war on Islam or against any of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Crimes against Humanity

   Terrorist does not respect nor distinguish anyone. Innocent children, women and men are always its potential targets. Terrorism knows no boundary or country.  Any acts of terrorism or activities could possibly happen at any place and at any time now.

Terrorism could happen on land, air or sea. It is only a question of when, where and how these terrorists will strike again.

It is indeed ironic to think that we are now in the 21st century and yet we are still witnessing such kind of barbarism known only during the dark ages of history. In a world that works towards international peace and understanding and the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of the whole human race, any jihadists thinking is indeed anachronistic.

Are these terrorist killing their fellowmen in the name of their religion? If that is the case then what kind of God wants to murder or kill humans? God is not a killer for sure, any more than God did not command these terrorist to kill their fellowmen by committing dastardly and heinous terrorist acts.

Any acts of terrorism cannot and must not go on forever. There must be a constant vigilance to fight and if possible to wipe out every single terrorist in the world.

The time to act is now.


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    1. My take of terrorism is there is no good or bad terrorists. A terrorist is a terrorist. He knows only to kill people may be it is their fellow citizens people of their same faith or other faiths. The problems starts with the governments of developed nations who take their support to do their bidding. There are some countries which are a haven for terrorists. They provide all sort of training, use of weapon, use of handling explosives all this in the name of ideologies.

      These countries then use them as an arm of the military who do subversive and covert operations. They use it against the countries with whom they do not seem to enjoy friendly relations. But these countries get annihilated. As the terrorists they breed know nothing constructive but to kill and be killed. Developed nations should see that they neither take the help of these outfits, nor support them to fight against the countries with whom they have problems. These terrorists are the scum of the earth.

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