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India Goes Free Mobile Calling And Unlimited 4G Internet Surfing.
Being a Slave To Your Cell Phonecell phone slaves

Hello everyone, if you are from India you must already have an Idea of what this topic is all about. Recently there has been a war between the Indian Telecom Industries for attracting more and more customers to their domain.

I still remember those days when even having a cell phone would be a big deal in India, only the top class people could afford one. But later when Reliance Telecom launched their cheap Mobile Handset costing only Rs. 500 ($ 7.65 USD), the picture suddenly changed.

Mobile phone was something that even a school kid could buy with his pocket money in a single night. That cheap handset almost ruined the top mobile manufacturing companies, as the handset offered was also offering the lowest call rates ever available.

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I still remember that people started to get rid of their landline as affording a mobile phone became cheaper than having a landline at home. Reliance had trembled the Telecom as well as the Top Mobile manufacturing companies in those years; it was beginning of a new era.

Now that the company had attracted a huge number of customers within a short while it was time to introduce them to advance internet technology that was 3G speed. Way back in 2004 and 2005 we only had 2G internet services and much later 3G was introduced but the internet plans were way too high.

The high prices had kept the common man away from the knowledge of Internet usage and what all could be done with it. Reliance again launched their new 3G Internet plans with just Rs. 57 ($ 0.87 USD) and that to unlimited usage.

This again had a big hit on the Top Telecom Industries which had been fooling around for so many years with their valuable customers, forcing them to revise their plans. Now when things seemed to have cooled down there was a big boom again last year from Reliance, they introduced their new sister concern Telecom Company called as Jio.

This launch had something I don’t think any company in the world must have introduced. Reliance Jio had launched their new sim with Unlimited Calling to any network in India and Unlimited 4G internet usage for the whole year.

They even gave out their mobile sim’s for free advertising purpose.  In just 365 days this new launch had more than 10 Million customers connected with them making it a new record.

The company had promised that the free calling would continue for life, but the rival compitors had filed legal law suit against the company for launching such schemes which could be devastating for their business. But still the company was determined to stick to its promise but due to legal issues the company is forced to revamp the free calling and data plan to a much cheaper but to a rate that no other company is offering.

Taking into consideration that still this new launch can rune their business all the other companies are launching similar plans so that their business doesn’t sink.

I don’t know what this war is going to lead to but am sure the common is benefiting, and I am one of those lucky ones.

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    1. im in delhi and did not see any of that, where is this happening, is it malls area or where? hope you write to us more details, thanksf ro the post

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