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In so Many Words to Tell

Perhaps there need to be discussions again and again in order for individuals to understand whatever it is which needs to be understood. There seems to be some refusing “to adhere” to the communicated transmission of “leadership.” The words spoken seems to be distance from the ears why are so many uncooperative? Perhaps they’re afraid to adhere to rules, laws, and views. There certainly has to be a stern attitude in order to be apart of leadership. There will be the ones disagreeing with the decision to place a person in leadership.

When the crowd disagrees there has to be ways to incur order. There are some who’ve chosen to cause disorder. There will need to be enforcement. Some believe that they’re so mighty that they can try to overturn decisions made by higher classes. That’s why there are some placed in positions without the public being aware. There are some desiring to sabotage what is to take place. There should be “movements” because society needs to grow. The disruptions could cause delays but the effectiveness can incur what they’ve tried to prevent.

There are many reasons why a person would be chosen for such leadership positions. There has to be qualifications however there will always be the cynics disagreeing with the decision to place a person in a leadership position. “There are some continuing to believe that discouraging a person will cause the person to move awat from their path.” (Tanikka Paulk). The challenges faced must be faced. How a leader chooses to deal with the matters makes the difference.

if they’re following then there is at least some interest. Although their actions may demonstrate otherwise there is some interest in the leadership pathway. Yes, when they’re disruptive there can be less productivity or there could be more. There are ways to remain functional when persons are disagreeing with the decisions made. Thinking positively helps and to continue to try to communicate effectively will also help. There will be times when quietness adds the greatest value. Moving towards the objectives is what some of the citizens would desire.

I’ve been chosen by mankind and by God. Yet there are so many refusing to accept. There are other leaders who’ve had to experience what I’m experiencing. They’ve had to deal with the cynics. There is experience although there are some doubters. I’ve obtained “experience, skills,” and have been given but haven’t yet received what I Tanikka Paulk truly deserve. They’ve tried to knock my excelling to the ground but God has kept me=Tanikka Paulk up. Easy? No. There is difficulties being in any leadership position.

They continue to watch every move made. What is it that they’re looking for? There is more to discover. Some would probably turn away because of the pressure. There’s the meditation in order to gather my thoughts. There certainly needs to be focus. What are they to gain? There are leaders who chose to push my path up. Perhaps some have desired to see failure but I’m desiring to see growth. The ability to unify when there seems to be disorder demonstrates that there’s “strong leadership.”

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    1. Leadership is a vague term for an ordinary person, for a mere stall owner or vendor. What is leadership for to a child, to a father, to a mother, or for everybody? It may be good or bad for them. It should be defined like leadership at home, leadership in school, leadership in the community or leadership in the government.

      A group of kids playing may be doing things in order and there is understanding among themselves for there is someone who takes the lead, who guides them, and appreciates their success or corect their shortcoming. There is a good communication. It is a simple as it is so to speak. Thus communication matters.


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