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In Order to Continue Developing There Will Need to be Removals
February 19, 2017

To develop and become. Become what? Better and to live better can take some time but in the process there will need to be some removals. Perhaps some who aren’t able to add any value to “the development.” There will need to be some adjustments in order to progress. Being exposed to too many distractions can hinder the development process. Developing can occur while on a journey and not everyone can or should travel on the journey.

It’s good to remove some because some are only there to hinder. If one wants “to elevate” then there will need to be some changes and some of the changes may be major. Anyone not understanding isn’t meant to understand. We’re unable to reach all. What’s not needed can be removed and what’s needed will continue along the travel. Making the necessary changes isn’t always easy to do but is necessary. If a person is tired of staying in the same position then they’ll do what it takes to reach their desired level.

Some may try to stop whatever is going on at the time. The “determination” is what drives individuals to make changes which will produce the results they’re looking for. There may need to be some relocating in order to develop further. Sometimes we’re encouraged to make a move so that we’ll be more productive. In order to make the changes there will need to be some preparations.

Not everyone will want to observe others in the development process. That’s when they’ll start projecting disturbances in order to create a stop. No matter how many disruptions there are. There should be no stopping. Everyone should want to be apart of “growth.” To do better become a better person. Some will experience a complete transformation. Transforming will require distancing self away from whatever isn’t helping with the transformation.

The end result may take awhile and someday’s there will be less patience but continue on. It’s important to move forward. So many may become fearful of making the “necessary changes.” Changes which will better their lives. There should be a desire to achieve more and although trying to do so may be difficult. The difficulties shouldn’t be a reason not to do so.

In order to assist with the process. There should be individuals who encourage the developments. Being around too many negative people may create discouragement which can make a person not want to continue. Find effective ways to “keep going.” Reading motivational material and listening to positive sounds can help in some way. No matter who disagrees with the process. The disagreements shouldn’t cause a detour.

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    1. There is nothing in life that does not change at a point in life. As we grow everyday we change in many parts of our life. Chhange is a must in every development. In life there are people who come into our lifes for the following reason. 1) To be a distruction 2) motivators 3) builders 4) forever partners 5) family
      As we move on in life some of this people will fall along the road. change is therefore necessary.

      • That’s right. Change will occur. We’re not able to stop the changes. Perhaps learning to adjust to changes will help. There’s something in the world changing everyday. Although some may have hard time adjusting to the changes. Eventually some may learn how to deal with the matters better.

    2. Very nice message.I think change acceptance and then working hard for removing some bad things from past requires effort and support.

      • We’re able to deal with changes better when there’s some support of course. Even if there’s none at all well at least from mankind then there’s still ways to tolerate the changes. We’re continuously learning to adjust and how to be patient with the many occurrences.


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