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If You Have Artritis, These Are Also The Best Beverages For You
January 8, 2017

Your  body also requires you to drink some liquids that keep you healthy. Despite having arthritis, but this sickness only strikes if take something against that sickness. If you try to drink colas, and strong juices’ acids; you will surely cannot move a single step. You will suffer severe pain if you do not care about your drinks. Your mouth will never refuse, but when the food or drink travel to our esophagus and reach to the respective areas of concern, that is the time that you will realize in few seconds that your arthritis is triggered with something it contradicts to its existence.

You need to remember that curing pain due to arthritis takes time ‘ whereas, eating the complicated foods take only few minutes to travel and the extreme pain can surely make you cry. Sometimes disciplining the self is necessary to be happy. No one is happy if arthritis is there pricking your joints with a very sharp object. Yes, that is what the victim of arthritis feel as if their joints are prick with a knife.

I would like to introduce to you now the best beverages for your arthritis. Do not forget that I burn my midnight candle just to have this data gathered for you so your arthritis won’t anymore claim that much should you rink any of these beverages, such are the following.

  1. Coffee. Yes, coffee does not harm your arthritis. There was no theory to support that drinking coffee can inflame your arthritis. According to researchers, coffee contains anti-oxidants polyphenols that fight radicals in the body that damaged cells in the body. But you have to drink only one cup or mug a day. The rest of the days must be water.
  2. Tea. Yes, tea is very famous in the world. There is green tea, common tea, and local tea. Local tea is good for gurgling every morning to kill the gums odor and bacteria that may cause bad breath. For drinking purpose, choose green and white tea for they have strong benefits for the body that are called antioxidants , and these fight radicals that inflame your joints due to arthritis, for these green and white tea are found to be stronger than Vitamin C for the polyphenols level called epigallocatechin , an active ingredient.
  3. Milk. Most of us drink milk. Milk contains the necessary elements that protect the body from getting sickness called osteoporosis. This could be prevented through drinking specified milk by the doctor. Not all milk contains benefits for your arthritis. So, the best milk for you is milk of low –fat milk to avoid extra calories and saturated fats that may cause bad reaction to your gout.Those who drink milk during their younger years up to maturity seldom acquire arthritis.
  4. Smoothies. It is advisable to have smoothies over juice, instead of squeezing the juice of fruits and vegetables. Smoothies help clean out arteries; likewise, fight constipation. Many like this so nutritious .
  5. Alcohol. Red wine is recommended for you if you have arthritis. It contains a compound called resveratrol that has anti-inflammatory effects. You are also advised to drink moderately.
  6. Water. This is the best drink, but you might not feel contented with water only. It is the body that is demanding for if we do not support the demand or request of our body, bad feelings follow, LOL. The water we drink fights the inflammation caused by arthritis.


Now that you know about these drinks, choose the one you prefer most. I think you call take all these at interval or in a day. Red wine is best during evening before you go to sleep. Water must be 8 glasses a day.Tea could be once a day should you drink tea. Not all drink tea, but coffee many like. Smoothie depends on you , it could be twice a week especially during hot days.

Images credit by Pixabay

Reference: Arthritis Foundation; Health and Home

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    1. Arthritis is a universal problem.Other cases become severe because of the abuse of foods intake. Eating pork and other red meat trigger the arthritis. If you continue eating these foods, your legs would become thin and never will you be able to walk better again. Since it could be cure this time for there are so many discoveries of foods to ease your sickness, better do not eat those that harm your body causing your arthritis to attack painfully.

    2. I like the drinks listed in your articles.
      I am fond of it.
      When I still working as a physiotherapist before, I had noticed that
      I had noticed that the local people who love to eat mangoes.
      It triggers their arthritic conditions.

    3. @Shavkat, really? Why because mangoes are too acidic and its acid contents are not like foods or veggies that contain linoic acid good for the sight, heart and blood sugar buster.Mangoes contain Vitamin C and fiber. It is not good to eat mango if having cough, it triggers the cough.

      The drinks here are also my favorite except smoothies, for there are fruits that lack taste heheehe, but good for the body.For coffee, the requirement is only one mug or cup a day that many,LOL.

    4. Athritis is a well known ailment in old age. There are many people who suffer from this ailment and most of them may not know how to deal with it. But it’s good that i have read about it here.
      My mum suffer a from athritis and sometimes she’s in so much pain so the only thing that can rlieve her is her medication. But I have one question you have mentioned that someone should take coffee,and milk. What if the person suffers from ulcers, usually they say you should not take caffeine and too much milk. So how does one balance this. In one side you are asked to drink and on th3 other side you are asked not to take his do you strike a balance so that you are able to heal well. Thanks for sharing.

    5. Good article. I like smoothies but prefer the natural fruit kind. Some smoothies are high in calories so you have to do some homework in that department. I heard that rosemary leaves are good for Arthritis. The supplements of Glucosamine and chondroitin are very good for arthritis sufferers, too. I prefer these natural products because they have no side effects but a good rule of thumb is to always check with your doctor. It better to be safe than sorry.

    6. My late father had arthritis. He drank a lot of water but it was because he was diabetic. Not sure he realized he was treating two ailments at the same time. Smoothies seem to making everybody healthy these days no matter what their ailment is! Of course, there really is no substitute for “Adam’s ale”. That’s what my parents used call water. 🙂


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