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November 28, 2017

Our Truehope Assistants have been trained to help you in very specific ways.

TAs have:

  • Access to answers about the supplement including dosage, possible limiting

factors, etc.

  • Ability to use the Support Call System, including analysis of the symptoms that

you recorded.

  • Ability to help you recognize the reasons for changes in your pattern of healing.
  • Answers to maintenance questions and tips for improved success on the


  • Ability to provide you with accurateinformation about every aspect of the

Truehope Program.

Note:Although we understand someof the difficulties and struggles you may be

experiencing; our Truehope Assistants have notbeen trained in personal or family

counseling, psychotherapy or medicine. If you require assistance in areas that are

outside of our range of training,we will direct you to other available resources for


2.1 Sources of Personal Support

Most participants go through phasesof healing that are morethan just physical. If you

have been sick for many years, it is likely that you have developed patterns and

behaviors in your personal and family relationships that will make you unhappy or

uncomfortable as you become physically well. Many successful participants have drawn

on community, family, and religious resources to support them through these changes.

We encourage you to designate a Personal Support Person tohelp you along the way

to recovery.

Example: “When I was sick, I was often manic and very anxious. It was normal for me

to be quick to smack my son when he acted outbadly. After a couple of months on the

Truehope Program I started feeling really uncomfortable with the pattern that my son

and I had developed. At first I thought that if I was really well, I just wouldn’t hit him

anymore – but after talking to my support person, I realized that the problem was not

physical, rather it was behavioral. I sought some personal counseling through my

church. Talking it out with an impartial counselor helped me find some new strategies

for dealing with my son. It tooka few months, but after a bit of practice, my son stopped

acting out as badly, and I started dealing with him in a more acceptable way. Both of us

enjoy a calmer home and a kinder relationship!”

2.2 Available Support Resources

It may be helpful to list your sources for Personal Support, ProgramSupport, and Crisis

Support. Personal Support may include: family members, friends, clergy, etc. Program

Supportmay include: doctor and / or Truehope Assistant. Crisis Support in your

community may include Community Nursing, Help Lines, etc.

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