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I want to read novels,but don’t have time
March 5, 2017

I love to read novels.But These days I do not have much time to read novels.

I am quite busy with my kids.But when I was in collage I used to read novels.

I like love stories.When ever I read love stories I feel it takes me to another world.I like romantic movies also.

So I was talking about novels.Half girlfriend is the last novel I have read.

Chetan Bhagat is the author of this novel.He is famous author in India.He is famous in youth.

His every novel is based on intresting subjects.He knows his reader’s mind.His stories touches heart.

Even bollywood could not stop to follow his novels.2 states and many more movies are based on his novel.All movies which was inspired by his novels done good business on box office.

Half girlfriend is also upcoming movie which is inspired by his novel.Starring arjuna kapoor and shradha kapoor.

I know movie will do well.After all it has been written by chatan Bhagat.

The way he writes novels is different from other authors.Munshi prem chand was also good author.

Making movies on novels are not new in bollywood.

One of my friend also like to read novels.We bought novels from out pocket money.To save money we used to exchange to each other.She still reads novels.She is not fond of mobiles or TV that why she gets time to read.

Sometimes she tells me to read but she knows I do not have much time to read.

After completing my household chores I used to check my emails spend time on social networking sites.

Back to chatan Bhagat once he file case against raj kumar hirani for not giving him credit for success of 3 idiots.3 idiots is the blockbuster movie of bollywood.It’s highest earning movie in history of bollywood.But I don’t further about the case who won.But I can tell only this movie was mind blowing.

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    1. I love to read novels too. I love to read books as a whole. But my Internet readings began to replace my books readings. Also there are electronic texts and electronic books on the Internet too. So I could read some texts on the Internet too. I think that books reading fate isn’t my own problem. Reading in the Internet epoch is a global problem.


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