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I stopped buying lunch at work , how about you?
April 4, 2017

I stopped buying lunch at work in 2008 ever since I met a colleague of mine who never buys food no matter the situation. He was always with packed food from home made by his beautiful wife. I asked for reasons why he never did buy food while at work. He gave numerous reasons like, too expensive, he prefers his wife’s food, he does not enjoy eating outside. Well, I said to him, how cool is that, same goes for my husband who does not buy food outside even when hungry.

I have not looked back since 2008, I preach daily to my colleagues on how important it is to bring your lunch to work. It stops you from over eating, spending too much and eating healthy. Good food is good when carefully prepared at home with all the right stuff in it. I love good food and I love to eat, but not on the fat side. I hardly eat junk, but bread is the only bad food I am yet to resist. My colleagues complain of lack of time, but I do not see that as an excuse, because if you create time for something, you can do it.

My preparation for packed lunch is always so easy. I cook during the week and freeze, get my plastic plates ready. I already have a time table because it is easier to manage. I follow the timetable daily, warm my food and put in either a cooler bag, or I place it on a freezer bag to keep cool.  I pack my lunch with fruits like bananas and apples, then nuts as well. A bottle of water which I can always refill when needed in my lunch bag. When it’s lunch time, since we have a micro wave, I then heat up my food and eat while some people grin with envy.

Although there are times when you crave food from outside. I often crave for pizzas which I know is bad, but I eat pizzas occasionally. Food from home is always better prepared to your taste and protects you from infected food.  A day does not go buy without me carrying my lunch bag to work, filled with both breakfast and lunch. I have tried it for years and it has worked perfectly well for me. Meals are important part of our day and so should be carefully sort after. I even advice parents to do the same for children, let them enjoy your food and learn to eat healthy from inception.

Do you still buy lunch at work? There was a story recently in the media about a caterer that poisoned the food in a restaurant killing loads of people. Have a rethink and start bringing your lunch to work.



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    1. We have to be practical this time, It is better to cook our own food than dine outside with foods full of bad chemicals that destroy human body little by little. I also pack my own food for lunch after I experienced food poisoning in our university canteen, In fact we sued the canteen fast food operator and they paid me according to court order.Also, this time , there are many contagious diseases and some spoons despite disposable others who are cheaters recycle them and those sick of hepatitis will contaminate to diners using that spoon or stainless spoon.Better be safe through our own making for peace of mind and heart.

    2. Oh yeas most of food I eas is cooked in our home, why to waste oour healhty on food that we do not know how it was prepared, what is contains, what it is fully I mean,, who is precisly mae it i mean the cooker, and how and when or where it was prepared, add to this the money problem oh my God my healht is not for sale I hate to eat at work unless maybe once a week when I really feel tired cooking or when I forget food at home, or if i find it really clean and no chance that they maybe contaminated. so I do eat out but not much and not often, to make good clean food you need to follow many tips and techniques, if the cooker or the cheif in the work canteen will lf ollow all of these tips he will not find really time to serve us
      I worked once in a place where the admin told us to tell the client that the food is fresh, but in my orientation day the took us even to the back kitchen and i saw the frozen food. ow bad is that , its horrible and I lost my trust in brand restaurant and cafes also. same happen in starbucks I went to one shop and when i saw the cockroach i went out and never go back, I know that not all the starbucks cafes are the same, but if these staff were not caring to clean the place why I care to go waste my time there at there branch, and pay money for that, setting in unhealthy place. I guess admin should be more controlling about their staff and observe them all the time

    3. Personally, I never bought lunch at work because I often could not afford the luxury. I would cook extra dinner the night before and pack an extra container of food for work the next day. That way I wouldn’t have to find the time to prep and store.


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