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I purchased a new phone case!


What are some essential phone accessories do you need? For me, I absolutely need a tempered glass screen protector. You can find tempered glass screen protectors for very inexpensive online (less than $10 bucks and sometimes even a 2 pack) and they literally save your phone from being shattered if dropped. Next up, I need a phone case but not just one – I need several! I prefer my phone cases to be minimalist, slim, sleek and cute! But when it comes to cases, I get tired of them easily and tend to spend a whole lot of money switching out my cases. Or, I try to get them for a cheaper cost with a couple via Amazon Review sites like Vipon.

This is my newest case that I purchased on Amazon – it is the Lace White Floral pattern, there are four other patterns that are just as beautiful being sold from the company called ESR. 

My thoughts on the case:

  • Reasonably priced at $10.99 plus free shipping and two day shipping (as I am an Amazon Prime member)
  • The case is crystal clear and I love that because it displays my phones gorgeous gold back color
  • The phone case is minimalist, sleek, slim – not bulky at all
  • I love the touch of feminine in the lace white detail on the back of the case. And, the phone case is not cheaply made where the pattern is printed on it. Looks like its underneath the clear layer so it will not peel off which is a plus.
  • All ports are easily accessible and all the buttons are easily accessible.

What I don’t like about the case:

  • My only concern is that the camera and the case is very flush. Instead of putting my phone down (back down), I have to turn the other way because I do not want my camera to get scratched up. It would have been nicer if they had the camera plastic raised up a little more.

Overall: This is a case I am loving and I cannot wait to purchase more cases! This is my second case so far for my Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

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    1. Congrats my dear for having bought a new phone case. It is very necessary to protect our cellular phone against damaged from its unintentional fall.I have just bought too last week for I pity my phone purchased on line hehehehe. This is now free to drop,LOL.


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