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I don’t like driving near Big Trucks

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Lately on the freeway, I have been noticing the big 16 wheeler trucks driving extremely fast. Our freeway speed limit in California is faster than some states at 65 mph. Even though the speed limit is 65 mph, many go beyond that. I do not know if these truck drivers are being paid by trip now a days or hourly but they are awfully in a rush. Usually you will find these trucks hanging out, and driving on the slower lanes toward the right of the shoulder but now, they drive in all the lanes. Sometimes even passing other cars and weaving in and out of traffic. I do not understand why they are in such a rush, by having a big truck like that and operating it is hard enough – why would you want to change lanes all the time. Even for me, driving a sedan – I prefer not to change so many lanes if I can help it.

In general, I do not like to drive near big trucks like the 16 wheelers or busses because they can flick rocks. I have had my fair share of rocks hitting my windshield and even damaging it. I try to drive as far as possible if I can, at least two lanes away. If I cannot, I will either go faster than the truck or slower. And if slower, far away so I will not get rocks flicked onto my windshield. Of course, some scenarios like traffic if I cannot – I will drive side by side with the truck but I prefer to not be. I also do not want to be in the blind spot of a truck for safely reasons and especially when a truck is turning right since they require wide turns. I am always alert if I am near a truck because the truck is big as is – they hog the entire lane.

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