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I can see life so different now.
July 18, 2017

“Hi” my name is David Im from west Philly, I started drinking at the age of 14. It was crazy because we could go right to the deli and by beer, they didn’t care how old we were as long as we had money. I started drink on the weekends at house parties and just standing on the corners with my friends.Man we were way to young doing grown people stuff.I started hanging with the wrong crowed.I was doing all types of shit.Stop going to school, running the streets all times of the night. Went girl crazy ,selling drugs stealing cars just so much anger i had.I started to do drugs at age 15 and i didn’t see my life going down hill at all. i stole from my family girlfriends, and anybody that had what i wanted.My mother said u need to stop drinking because you can’t handle it, to me i thought she was talking about me acting all crazy. But she meant that i got addicted to it and i thought i could stop but i couldn’t. As i got older it got worse no job, running the street all the time. Doing all types of stuff to get locked up for. And in 1995 it happened i got locked up and had to go to the county. Was lost scared, and alone . I had a baby on the way and at that time the streets was talking trekking my BM everything i was doing all the woman i was messing with. Dam she left me for a couple of months. I felt like hanging it up ,never go to jail with a chick it will drive u crazy. I did 17 months, and i had to go to a program called self-help,it was a rehab . Yo i was young and i made fun of the older men that were in the program i said they were weak, and couldn’t control there lives.Until i got older would i then understand that they could not control the drugs and drinking. Let me tell u about this stuff because its a matter of life and death. Its joke nothing to play with. You can not control it ever. Im 42 now and I’ve been sober for 1year and a half, and i feel great . I mean its hard to live life on life terms. And when u give up the drugs and drinking u also give up your comfort Zone. Because in active addiction using helps a person coop with life, pain, disappointment, and being board.But it will bring u to your knees, you will do stuff u said u wouldn’t. anything to get that high or drink. To live life on life turns is very hard but i have a wife and i have God to help me.

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    1. Thanks for sharing David. Currently my bf is in the same situation. I hope he snaps out of it while he still got time. Inspiring post. Remember “Just for today.”


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