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Hurry up! Else it is a problem – content marketing

Content Marketing

Hello Everyone!

This article is about content marketing. You created content and want to market it. What should be done now in order to promote it?

The most important and working strategy is called “Hurry Up strategy”. Yes, you read it right.

This trick alone is known to boost sales by marking by whopping 300% than the case if you do not follow the strategy at all.

This is what you have to do

Just as the name suggests, you have to convince your potential customers to take a quick action. Some common examples are like this:

Hurry Up! Today it costs $1 and tomorrow, it will cost $10.

Hurry Up! If you buy today, you get 3 courses at a price of 1. Tomorrow the situation will change

You are actually creating a scarcity. Your customers think that this is required and they are simply lured for buying it before it is too late.

Keep sending multiple reminders. There are 2 golden phrases herewith.

Last chance – Final Reminder: Use this in probably last mail to be sent before the day when the offer expires. This last mail should be sent a day before the offer expires; latest by 16:00 hours at night. Give users some time to take decision and make a purchase.

You have a golden opportunity: This phrase is generally used in all emails you sent except the last one. In your 1st mail – please send the details too as to why is this golden by the way? In other mails, you need not send the details.

Also, the scarcity should not last more than a week else people will tend to forget. Similarly, do not send more than one reminder a day. Excess is not recommended.

It does not give the profits you deserve but it imparts trust. The product you are selling makes some sense and it lures customers into buying more and higher valuable products.


Remember, you will rarely have a customer who directly buys larger product ignoring the smaller ones. People like to move from smaller products to higher ones and this technique when mixed with trust is guaranteed to lure customers into buying more.

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    1. I guess you can use this skills to having your own business. Some companies pay an expert in doing this content. It takes a lot of thinking and brilliant poured from the team members. I must say, it is a good thing you had shared this. If I will have my own business, then it is a high time to use a post of yours as a reminder.

      Of course, it will not also end here. We also need to consider the marketing strategy to capture the target market.The best way is to conduct a feasibility study. In feasibility study, it is the total package in starting up a business, either in small or big scale.

    2. This sort of approach is also great when composing titles for your blog posts or when adding a call to action. Urgency and emotion are powerful tools….

    3. Good marketing and advertising tools. And some people get expert on these with a lot of practice.

    4. marketing really is tooling and has too many
      this is really good writen and guided post, the marketing is the key to any successful company or even post, and really do help in making money online, amazing tips and helpful as I do met and did lost of tools before from other sites that are either fake or dont pay full amount after doing marketing, this tip of marketing is good for everything you do in live including when you go to make a job interviews, marketing tools depend on the post or work you do, thank


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