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Human Beings: Their Obligations And Free Will

It is said that human beings are meant to carry out obligations and such obligations dictate the very success that one may or may not enjoy during their lifetime here on earth. And so when these obligations show up every time, we are bound to either take them all to our own or heed no attention to them at all. Such obligations need to be fulfilled by us or else all things seem futile. There is no meaning left in the way we see things. There is nothing in this world that may interest us any longer. And if such obligations are carried out, futilities tend to crop up. Why would anyone keep on taking up any kind of obligation when all they did before was for nothing? Why would we accept a duty knowing that it would never bring any good to us? But here it is worth noticing that human beings are not completely rational objects. We are supposed to be one, but we may not work according to our beliefs or rational thinking every time, and we may not even possess rational thinking at all as we are supposedly creatures of free will. We are not some mechanical artefact that is programmed to work according to a fixed set of rules. We are not puppets in the hands of puppeteers who may drive us and make us do things as they may wish. And we are certainly not some animals that are domesticated for personal benefits and that are not allowed free will whatsoever. We are creatures of free will as they say who are bound to see as they may please. And who are never slaves to such obligations but are masters of themselves, each in their own right.


But why is it a common observation that the things that we are obliged to take into our hands but that we may not ourselves want to accept, keep appearing and piling up in front of us all and we keep on accepting them either with supposed feelings of happiness or with evident feelings of being in confinement, seeing that it is an obligation which we have to accept and from which we cannot escape at all?


Why are we so vulnerable in our position to refuse to oblige to such obligations in the first place? Is it that we are really vulnerable that anything may stir us or drive us on their own will? Is it that we may not actually possess the free will that we believe ourselves to possess? That is to say we are not a creature of free will as we supposed ourselves to be, neither we are entities who may or may not have rational thinking. More than that it seems that we are slaves to our own tendencies and to those of obligations. And we are bound to oblige to them when they appear whether we may actually want to oblige to them or not. It seems that this is the only conclusion one can draw out from observing human beings such as ourselves who are not unsettled in their free will and obligations.

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