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How To Verify Your Site For Google Webmaster Tools For Indexing
December 11, 2017

Hi Everybody
For those of you who don’t want to sit through a rather long training video.
Here’s a brief explanation what you have to do to get your site verified in Webmaster Tools, and how to add a sitemap.

Because Webmaster Tools Offers Information On Errors On Your Site. How You’re Using Your Site (how you’re working with it) And All That Comes Into Your Site Related To Visitors (traffic)
How To Verify Your Site For Google Webmaster Tools For Indexing
Before you submit your site (sitemap) to webmaster tools you have to have your site listed in google analytics. (you must have an account)
Go to Google Analytics http://www.google.com/analytics/ – Create A New Property
Click A New Property
Leave the top menu entries aziz
Give Your Site A Name
Copy/Paste/Enter the URL of your site (Do Not put www after the http)
Choose Category
Choose Reporting Time Zone
Click – Get Tracking ID
Example of Tracking ID – UA-55920964-1
(The CODE you see directly below you don’t have to bother about. This is a Code you can use for a website that hasn’t been created with WordPress)
You Copy/Paste The TRACKING ID Into Your WordPress Site.
To Do This
In your WordPress Dashboard –
Go into All In One SEO – Click General Settings –
Scroll Down The Page Until You Come To Google Analytics ID
Copy/Paste the Tracking ID into the Box to the right of Google Analytics ID
Make sure the Use Universal Analytics is Ticked directly below and – Click Update Options at the bottom of the page.
You then go to Webmaster Tools to Verify the WordPress Plugin to your Website so that its added to Webmaster Tools.
In Webmaster Tools – click on sitemaps on right side
Click – Add Test Sitemap (right hand side)
In the box – add – sitemap.xml (don’t forget the dot after sitemap)
You can click test sitemap if you want to see if it works and you will usually get the ok message that its working.
Click Submit Sitemap and you are done.
You wont see much, if any information because it can take sometime (a day or two) for your site to be indexed.
I hope this short explanation is of some help to fellow members who have been having a wee bit of trouble with this aspect of Analytics and Webmaster Tools.
There you have it folks. Webmaster Tools is a great way to correct any errors with your sites performance which of course helps you get indexed and your ranking on google.


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