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How to Save Money on Apple Products

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If you asked me over a decade ago if I would pay money for an Apple product? I will clearly say no! In fact, I would think you are crazy for buying an overpriced Apple product. But now, once I switched over to Apple about 7 years ago – I will never go back with any brands. Why? I have never had any problem with any of my Apple products from my laptop, computer, phone, tablet and if I do, it is something that could be fixable by Apple and complimentary! I used to go through computers and laptop like nothing because they would overheat on me, or there is never enough storage – it would get frustrating!

The downside about Apple is that it is expensive and hardly goes on sale. And like all technology – new ones keep coming out one after another! Right when you get used to your device, a new one is on the market! Apple hardly goes on sale but if you ever want Apple products for a discount, you can save usually $100 bucks if you qualify for the Apple College Discount on select devices – where you have to present your college ID. You will get an instant money back on selected devices/items. If you do not have any college ID or a friend who can show their college ID, then another method to save money is to purchase Apple products on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving! Or lastly, when the model is over and a new model is coming out – chances are there is some sort of sale, promotion. You could also buy from authorized retailers!

At my last employer, they had a subsidy where if you purchase any qualifying products, devices – you get an amount back to your check so you could check if that is an option from your employer!

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