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January 17, 2018


Stress is a pressure or tension exerted on a material object.  A state of mental and emotional stress or tension resulting from adverse demanding circumstances. Stress some time can be good meaning that it helps us to act otherwise we might be paralyzed.

But it can be harmful where it becomes daily thing that is making it to be chronic. But the good news I ‘m bringing to us would help us to know that stress can be controlled with a right tool when managed properly.



  1. Understanding what is stress: It is a body and mind responds to demand. Stress could come through many events that occurs. A state of mental and emotional stress or tension resulting from adverse demanding circumstances just like what I said earlier. In all, we should know the positive and negative aspect of stress which can become harmful to the body system.


  1. Knowing the Signs of stress: Acknowledging the symptoms of stress helps a lot for us to do the proper management. The common symptoms are listed below:


Inability to focus, Worry, stomach ache, Headache, tension, loss of appetite, back pain, anger,

Insomnia, etc

  1. Avoid usage of alcohol to curb stress or synthetic drug: Long indulgent on these can create more problems in due time. Instead involve on stress supplement that is more natural that can calm the nerve and easy you to have obtain more sleep.


  1. Engage on exercise and deep breathing always. Atleast, do 30 mins of exercise daily will go a long way.


  1. Try Yoga and meditation and wipe out the old bad events that sometime keeps you in a bad mood when remembers. The practice of meditation is ancient. But in recent years meditation has gained worldwide acceptance for its ability to produce the “relaxation response” and ease stress. When we are in this state of deep relaxation, our breathing, pulserate, blood pressure, and metabolism By meditating on a daily basis — even just 10 minutes once or twice daily — it’s possible to lift depression, lower blood pressure, and ease stress.


  1. Focus on more positive thinking and distract yourself with things that makes you fun in life and engage more on them



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