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How Many Gadgets Do You Have?

Since electronic gadgets become cheaper and available, it is common for a person to have several of it.

One can have a desktop computer, a laptop, an i-pad, a notebook, tablet, or cellphone which he uses inside his home or when he is on the go. How many of the mentioned gadgets do you have? And which one are you using to write on your writing sites or blog sites?

Using Table Top Computer

Before I started writing online, I used a table top computer with the big monitor, the so-called CRT or Cathode Ray Tube. It looks like a big television set. Then with the launching of the flat screen monitors, my husband bought one for us because it uses lesser electricity, according to the sales persons.

I used the flat screen monitor when I joined Bubblews. I was simplewoman there. When
Bubblews shut down, I shifted to other paid writing sites like Iwriter, Odesk and Elance.

Settling for a Laptop

Then when we had some extra money we bought two laptops,since my husband uses it for his work. So we did not have to “fight” over our table top computer. I can take it anywhere in the house where I found it comfortable to write or browse news.

Up to now,I am using it for my writing sites.

When my smart phone had some issues like it hangs out, my husband suggested I change it for a new unit. But I was thinking of the budget for it if I will buy a new one. It is also costly to have the old unit repaired and there is no assurance that it will be functioning for a long time. Cellphones are usually hard to repair, it is commonly disposable especially the cheap ones or those unknown brands.

Buying a Tablet

Thinking that my cellphone is still working for messaging purposes, I thought of buying a tablet computer because I can use it anywhere I go, and whenever I wanted to write something. I can take it while traveling since it is so handy; it can fit in my shoulder bag.

This is the first time I can have a tablet, and am so happy because my husband is so supportive of me and with my writing. I am a thrifty person, so buying a new gadget means a lot of thinking before I made the decision to buy it.

It is like a smart phone where I can use it for messaging and calling purposes because it has a feature for a Sim card, and has many other applications like
for writing posts and other notes.

Another application that I like best in it is the “music”where so many different songs can be uploaded. It was good the saleslady uploaded a lot of beautiful songs. Though the songs are those loved by millennials, an old woman like me can still like it. Next time I will ask my son to have some of my favorite songs be uploaded so I can listen to it while writing or relaxing.

This is the best part of it, enjoying the things you wanted to do, and thanking yourself for making a sound decision when it comes to buying something like computer gadgets. What is your take on this?

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