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He said, “I love you”

Every woman dreams of hearing these words from man to herself. We often say we love someone or something, but when these words are directed at our mate, they seem to have a radically different meaning, approaching a magical spell connecting two people into an invisible alliance.

It seems, however, that these words are far easier to say than women than men. When does a man say “I love you” and why is it so difficult sometimes? Of course, both women and men have to get to know their partner to some extent, to know for sure what they feel about him. Time is the main indicator of what is going on, and it can be both too early and too late for those words.
Men’s psychic is different from that of women, and this is conditioned by both social preconditions and biological factors. Men are considered to be the strongest sex, and for years there has been a belief that the display of feelings is a manifestation of weakness. Men are people of action and not words and have adopted this pattern of behavior since the earliest childhood, so it is not right to be angry if it is difficult for them to dress their feelings in words as we may We are asked.
Situations where men say “I love you”:

Serious men say “I love you” only when they are sure

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When he is sure that he will not be rejected, if he acknowledges his feelings, the man will undoubtedly utter the covenant words, but your reaction depends on whether he will speak again.

For fear of losing you

When men see that things are not going well and they realize they can lose us, they resort to the use of “magic” words, as if they are the only thing that can stop us. Unfortunately, very often they are extremely inadequate.

Feeling guilty

There is a theory that men say “I love you” more easily than “Excuse me”. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why men use these words when they are wrong. Of course, very often, quite honestly, he wants to apologize by witnessing his love, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Before sex, during sex and after sex

Of course, sex is an important part of the process of telling the two words, but when it’s involved, we need to be especially careful.
• There are men who are willing to “express their feelings” with the sole purpose of putting the woman in bed. Beware of such, worse than those who put in bed without saying it.
• During sex, all senses are exacerbated, nervous processes are performed at an incredible frequency, the man’s “common sense” is often blurred, and he lets his heart talk. When she says he likes sex, of course, we can not be sure he really is in love. Do not totally exclude the option of just being his game.
• Recognition of feelings after sex is a sacred point for many couples, because that’s when they feel most connected, closest to each other, and the sincere “I love you” is the natural end of things.

When pressed

Some women, in their desire to hear “I love you”, cross the border, and the man feels compressed by questions such as “Do not you love me?” Or “Why do not you tell me you love me” or ” that you love me”. So, ladies, be careful in your approach, because the confession of love in love will not bring you what you are looking for.

Actions instead of words

Words are just words, they carry a certain charge in themselves, but what really testifies the love of man to us is his actions. Some women never needed to hear “I love you” from my beloved, because their actions speak enough.

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