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Haven’t They Convince Me yet?

Perhaps there are so many misguided folks that they’re unable to recognize that they’re placing themselves into a doom, pit, trapped hole. Goodness will win, “good,” will win, and love will win always. To perceive one way when others are trying to convince otherwise can seem daunting. There is hope yet. What a person believes is just what the person believes no matter how many try to convince the persons otherwise. Perceptions aren’t altered unless there’s permission. I’m refusing to accept what is said unless what is said holds value. Valuable information is welcomed but harmful words are to be disparaged.

They continue to invde but there has to be the proceeding of my journey. Oh yes one could be annoyed but then one can learn just how some are willing to behave. The behaviors will only set the individuals back. I’ve been chosen for a reason and God has “chosen you=Tanikka Paulk “because He loves you and He knew that you-Tanikka Paulk would be “declared” anointed. Perhaps they would want me=Tanikka Paulk to pay close attention to their antics but I’m refusing. My name is so and although there will be so many wanting to remove and invade my name my name was set and will continue to shine. The name above!

There is the hopefulness within and they’ve tried to replace my position but unable to do so. No mater how many try to change what has been decided God already decided and mankind can’t overpower God. Shouldn’t they know by reading or hearing how Satan tried to disobey God and was sentenced to hell? Mankind is silly huh? I’m smiling because they’ve tried to out me=Tanikka Paulk but need me=Tanikka Paulk. There is no time to indulge with fools. I’m too focused on where “we” need to arrive to.

There is yet so much to accomplish and there will be the accomplishments. Objectives shall be met and the persons willing to be along have demonstrated that they would love to be apart of “Building.” Advancement occurs and will continue to occur the disruptions help to show that a person is competition meaning that the person isn’t mediocre. So therefore I’m “continuing” on the right path and headed towards the promised abundance. They’ve tried to dismantle my path but they aren’t able to stop God the Father of Jesus Christ. God ordained my titles and my positions.

Glory! The noisemakers probably will continue to make noise. Some have demonstrated that they’re refusing to be apart of the many changes. If they’re trying to sabotage then they’re unwilling to build. If they claim to be builders and are trying to tear down then they are liars and fools. They can’t accept that I’ve been chosen. No matter if there are the “confirmation” of such or the confirmations. Some will have difficulties because they’re unwilling to accept and no person has control over what individuals will believe.

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