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Have You Said ‘l Love You’ To Your Mother Today?

Hey, it’s mother’s day today. Have you said I Love You to your mother? Yeah, just that simple words to speak to your mother. Simple and easy, say I Love You, that’s it.

photo is mine

photo is mine

I know some of you (of us) find its so kiddy or corny to speak these words to our mothers. Not all of us because there are some of us who can easily speak the words with the tightest hugs and the sweetest kiss. But there are daughters and sons who find it hard to let their mother hear these magical words.

Okay, you can’t. But you can still show your greatest love without the words especially today that we celebrate the mother’s day. It’s special day for them and let them feel how you love her, care for her and treasure her. You can do it many ways.

  1. Give her a rose flower. You don’t need to give it face to face. You may just put the flower in the kitchen matching with few notes.
  2. Cook her favorite food. Of course you know her favorite dish. Your recipe might not be the most delicious but surely it will be once you serve her table.
  3. Invite her for a date. Anywhere, like in cinemas, fastfood chain, in the beach or in the park and then buy her ice cream.
  4. Buy her favorite dress. Don’t ask what her size is, just buy it, she’ll like it. The most important thing to her is that you give her a gift.
  5. Give her a manicure/pedicure or bring her to beauty salon. Make her the most beautiful woman of this day by rebonding her hair, massage, foot spa, eye shadow or lip shiner.
  6. Do her job for a day. You know the laundry, cooking of meals, cleaning the house and watering the plants—do her job and she’ll like it.

There are many ways we can do to make her feel very important to you. Ways you can make like kissing, hugging and singing with her.

I once read a quote about mother that said, “God cannot take care all of us—so He created mother.”###

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    1. Happy Mother’s Day to you if you are a mother! Yes, I got a lot of greetings on Facebook from friends and relatives and from my son and her girlfriend!


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