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Hard-Hitting News: The Death of A Person
January 11, 2017

Death is not always been talked about and can’t even write this topic. It is one thing for sure, some individuals cannot bear to talk it out or even heard about the pain suffered during the process of lost in their lives. However, it is not possible to disregard such event in our lives. The situation of death can always be a part of life and can never escape from it. We just need to be open and accept the possibility of death will come to the sooner to every people here on earth.


Let me share my personal experience about it. I had encountered such intense feeling of lost when my father died three years ago. It wasn’t sudden event. It takes a matter of months before our creator hold his hand and joined him in heaven. I wasn’t in denial that time and my family members do. They cannot accept the fact that my dear father will say goodbye sooner especially when his medical condition regressed after undergoing an open heart surgery.

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I wasn’t surprised to be in a state of being the center of strength of the family. I am the eldest in the family and can’t refuse the possibility that my father’s responsibility will be turned over once he expired of being in a comatose situation. It was heart aching moment to see my mother and siblings hoping for my father to wake up from a deep sleep. Don’t get me wrong that I don’t feel any sympathy at all. In times likes this, I need to put the mode of being empathic so I can sustain my inner strength to face the challenges.


As the days and moths go by, my father drifted into unresponsive to any medical interventions. Then, the time comes that he cannot fight his state of willing to live. I whispered to his ear and assured him that it is fine to let go. He doesn’t need to worry about his family. He needs to take a rest and it is a good fight. After I had whispered, his heart started to fluctuate in the monitor and suddenly stop. My father died peacefully and waited for few minutes to tell the people close to his heart about what had happened.


Frankly speaking, I can’t shed any tears because things are like at a fast pace. It was past midnight and I am figuring out what to do next. I didn’t leave his death bed and tried to find a way of something how I can let him be at peace in the funeral. It was my first time to experience this and stress are setting in. For the love I have with my father, I need to withstand everything that comes along my way. It is also the same thing of what my father did when he was still alive and trying to give everything for his family.


It was an upside down feeling but managed to overcome the challenges. That’s the time I appreciated death. It should not be perceived in a different way. All of us have the chance to be in such situation and varies how the creator will end our last breath. Death is a beautiful thing to happen in our lives and hopes to see the loved ones who died from the past in God’s kingdom soon.

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    1. I really feel your sentiments on this.it’s true that many of us find it so hard to talk about death, I gues we all get scared to talk about fearing that it could happen to us. The truth is whether we speak about it or not it is inevitable that it will happen some day.
      Like for me in my case I have lost three members of our family my dad eldest sister and my brother. Those were the most hurtful, desperate, dreadful and the most lonely times of our lives a a a family. It is not easy losing a family member, you will cry all the years that you can buy that will not bring back that person to life. Just dealing with the thought of that person not being around anymore is torture in itself. When you think that you will not be seeing that person again years just fill your eyes. I remember when my dad died I could not even sit with my mum in her room because I always felt his presence yet he was not there. But it takes a lot of courage to accept that they are no more and that your life has to go on without them. Its hard but it can be done. At such moments you jsut have to stay strong for each other.

      • I can feel your sentiments. We cannot afford to lose someone in our lives. However, we cannot hold the future. In making sense of it all, I considered my late father still here with us. Not with his presence, but with his memories shared to each of the family members. He is our angel. I am sure he still there guiding us.

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