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Hannibal rising book and movie too
April 21, 2017

Hannibal and sister mischa are living with their parents in a big castle, all of sudden a bomb exploded near the castle to kill the soviet but its kill everyone but the kids. Deserters then found them and because no food they eat the sister, Hannibal pass out from that scene, and later people find him and put him in orphanage to be adopted later by his uncle, who takes him to live with together in france

His aunt, murasaki takes him to the market with her and one time the butchers assalt her, Hannibal answers back, but when his uncle knew about this insult he goes to the market and faces the butcher who talk rudely to him and lead him to have heart attack, when his uncle dies they move from the house due to the loans and he later become medicine student and never forget what happen to his aunt so he go gack and kill the butcher and eat him remembering what happen to his sister, the investigator suspect on him ,but his aunt lies about where it do defend him. Later the investigator an Hannibal work together to search for his stolen family fortun. So in short he will revenge for his sister death by tracking the man and kill him, then get his fmailies reputation back too. And escape the law

Hannibal rising, is the novel title. For those who like drama and advnetures and action it is for you

Hannibal rising is deeper story I did not write more so i do not burn the book nor the movie, i saw both, have to say both are well played

dont remember the pages but about 300 pages. and the cost of the book long time ago was about 19 dollars.

It is cheaper now i guess sine its old book and movie


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