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June 18, 2016 at 4:39 pm

Imagine a leader with no mumuring followers;a
governor/politician with no rebels, no opposition
party, no watchdog, no critics; imagine a
businessman with no economic ressession, a
doctor with no patient nor surgery to perform, a
lawyer with no criminal case to crack, nor clients
to defend in court; imagine a graduate with no
work to do, nor job to look for and money always
available when needed.
youngster whose parent don’t scold, nor give
strict rules nor morals to abide with, and no
punishment whatsoever. Sound smooth right?
Well allow me to say boldly that such a person is
not just forgotten by God, but also abandoned by
the devil. I’ve recently found out that problems
are those steps you need to take as you get
higher in the ladder life. PROBLEMS ARE GOOD.
Having no problems means you remain stagnant
room for opportunities and growth. I mean, what
is essence of a lawyer without any case to crack?
Or a graduate without any work to do? Even
babies need to cry so hard, for food to be given
when hungry. The ants knows there will be a
season when getting food would be a problem,so
they gather&store food relentlessly. Dear, do not
hate yourself nor blame anybody because you
have problems. JUST DEAL WITH IT!!! That’s how
you grow.
Decide to get better, decide to be smart, decide
to think hard, decide to pray hard, decide to face
it and deal with the problem. Heaven will help
those who help themselves.