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June 18, 2016 at 5:10 pm

Gone are the days when I used to lay my head on
my mother’s laps, asking not to be disturbed till I
sleep off.
Days when I used to plead with adults of the
house to bring me ‘something’ from their journies
whenever they went out ; I remember myself, on
many occasions, screaming ‘
Days when I used to pass exams in the early
schools even without reading a page! (I wonder
how I did that anyway because the same did not
apply in that bloody medical school)
Gone! really are those days.
I missed growing up and having virtually
everything I needed
I missed the days of having just male friends

Those days of not worrying about what or what
not to wear… you know what I mean
Those days I needed not
Seems those days are truly gone.
I woke up and came to realise that, NOW… Is the

You hear some people whispering ‘
The hair I disengage from my reappears
barely four days later, !
what could be happening so Suddenly?
Little do I Know that the future I was always
talking about is already here!
To make the matter ‘better’ ,
Well, what can I do? It’s been well over 2 decades
here, I have been decorated, I’ve been awarded,
celebrated, elevated, appointed, graduated,
inducted, converted, promoted, and all the ‘ted’
you can think of, but all I know is that, this future
that has come has brought me better, greater
and more glorious benefits.
Even in this future lies another Seemingly farther
future which I hope to get to, God helping me .
Having spent well over two decades here, all I can
say is that, definitely, the best is yet to come .