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June 29, 2016 at 2:24 pm

As we were settling down after a lovely tuesday evening service, enjoying the family time, a rat ran across the living room and vanished from our sight.

I was too tired to kill a rat. My wife touched one or two chairs but the rat was no where to be found. We hate rats and our house had been rat-free for a long time. We went to sleep and forgot about the rat.

Early in the morning, my sweetheart came to show me a half-full bucket of water and there in it was the rat- dead!

It occurred to me how many times challenges and situations makes us lose our cool; we become anxious; merchants of worry. At times, you lose your sleep.

God wants you to leave your cares and burdens in His hands. He asked those who are heavy burdened to come. He says to cast our cares on Him.

Leave it to God. Stop stressing yourself chasing “rats” of cares and worries. God has given you a gift of peace and rest of mind. Enjoy the gift.

Next time worries and concerns slip in to deny you your peaceful sleep and sweet day; take a pause; talk to God about it and catch a rest because you know “God will take care of it”.

June 29, 2016 at 4:02 pm

Rats and we are too great different things. Rats do live according to their instinct to survive, while we are capable of making our living. Rats have their problems too and we have them likewise. Rats are pests and we are rational beings. Rats do exist to the place where the people are careless to take care of their surroundings, of their environment.

Your comparison is too bit a different one. Anyway, for the sake of discussion. Rats may not be thriving in the place if it is clean if it is well-maintained. They won’t look for foods to a house where everything is kept in order. Foods are kept properly away from house pests like those rats.

Well, I do agree with you in your comparison that rats may be considered as “worries and concerns”. I would restate here the appropriate solution for them in an opt-quoted adage which says, “Every worry under the sun, there is a solution or there is none. If there’s, hurry and find it. If there’s none, never mind it.”

June 29, 2016 at 4:46 pm

That is how loving our God is. I am always talking to God minute to minute. I am a recipient of His miracle only He and me know.About your rat problems, better buy a rat killer. There is rat everywhere and anywhere in the world.

June 30, 2016 at 10:13 am

oh now God can settle your rat problem eh?

I know what you are trying to say…

Don’t be bother with trivial matters because God will help us to get rid of them when the time is right.

I don’t get rid of rats either but I do smashed those cockroaches for sure because all of us including me are afraid of this flying pesky insect!

Sorry but I had to do it and I had just done it in the morning when my teenager screamed!