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January 12, 2017 at 5:53 pm

You Make Me Sigh And Sink To My Fantasy

It was one moonlit night when I sat alone in Paradise Park. This park is called Paradise Park because long time ago this was a thick forest. When the world and its inhabitants evacuated and landed anywhere in the world, this place was among inhabited by refugees from south archipelago. Those inhabitants were so excited, more than ever they have realized, when flocked to these once forested site. They denuded the forest, replanted the sapling, renewed the place by planting many flowers of different species, planted tree called “bonsai” and mounted some brick-like caves. That was it, and somehow along the way, they augmented some attractions to fill the earth of their own super galactic and artistic. Indeed, it was.

As years go by, they were dethroned by the real owners of the land, the government, so all their dreams shattered and vanished on air and dream. Surely, they were relocated to a far away north and started all over again. This place those inhabitants innovated and developed was transformed into a more interesting and captivating site and was named Paradise Park.

I was on that deep thought about the legend and history of the park, when an image appeared nearer me, and when I looked up, oh my, I saw a handsome guy at my age. He looked at me, and I looked at him. I asked him who he was, and just said Ferman, my gosh, LOL.  He sat beside me and asked my name, hehehe, and of course, I gave mine. I noticed that he was so gentle and seemed like very lonely. I told myself it was my chance to have a handsome boyfriend, LOL. I talked and talked and he responded softly. My happiness and fantasy sank, shy type not my type. Then suddenly he stood up pointing at a tall tree. He said, “It was there I usually sat with my family.” Then he stepped forward and bade goodbye.

At a wink of my eyes, he vanished, so terrified I was that, I ran back home. Ferman appeared before me, to remind all that this park where many enjoyed this time, was once their own.

Oh, what a sigh, fantasy dies in vain.


Author/ Writer:  Erly E. Maglangit, Ph.D ( @cely/ @lovern)