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November 20, 2017 at 11:02 am

Tithing has been one of the growing controversies in today’s modern churches. What does the bible say about tithing? Was it practiced voluntarily in the bible? Who is to tithe? Who collects the tithe? In what form is tithe paid? Does tithing ensure our salvation or bring prosperity? These questions and more keep coming uo everyday. I think such questions are healthy for today’s society especially with the growing number of false prophets. I for one do believe in tithing only the way the bible says it. According to the popular bible verse (Mal3:8-10), God expects his children to pay tithes to the workers of his temple (Levites) as they have no inheritance but to preside over the temple’s activities. Those who had farmlands and livestock were meant to give 1/10th of these to the levites (NOTE: money was in use at the time) which i believe was to be given after the 3rd year. God also promised blessings for such obedience. I cant remeber the verses but i think there are different types of tithe to be given. One which is to  be taken to the house of God and consumed by the tither rejoicingly while in praise and worship to God. There is a deliberate misconception/twist to the bible by interchanging farm produce and livestock with money. Also, the recipient of the tithe as been substituted. The bible mentioned levites, who were of the 12 tribes of Israel whom i believe may still be in existence today (be it one individual). Nowadays we have pastors of churches from the christian sect of differnt denominations collecting tithes in the name of God as though they wre ordained to do so. I’m not a Jew but i dont know if there is any rabai or jewish priest or even a Levi of today who still collects tithes (the way the bible says) these days. If by any chance they still exist, should christians and all OTHER RELIGIONS who believe in the God of Israel go and give their tithes to them?