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December 30, 2016 at 4:43 pm

Violence against Women…

There are many victims of violence among women worldwide. Why are there cruel husbands? They never pity their wives. They just resort to slapping, kicking, choking and tendency to kill them. Why can you afford to hurt your wife, who, in the past, made you happy and sexually satisfied? Perhaps the wife has changed in the way you used to see her like fixing herself, and taking care of you. The wife may not be able to make her role perfect if you have children and no house helper. There should be give and take. There should be total understanding that having children may also change your lifestyles as husband and wife. Having this change is not a valid ground for a husband to hurt the wife.

When there is love, there is understanding and unselfishness. Other reason is infidelity of the husband. He showed cruelty to a wife if found another. It could also be illegal drug that led his mind to be incapacitated. Women lack strength compared to that of men , unless they take  revenge using a gun, poison the abusive husband or any member in the family. I think this problem continues to exist if illegal drug cannot be stopped as the menace in our society and crimes will never be solved.



December 30, 2016 at 4:49 pm

Problems not our Problems…yes there are problems not ours , but we are so much affected simply because the concern might be members in our family. That is we can never avoid problems be they ours or  from others.

Why can’t we avoid problems? Sometimes we wonder why such just occur instantly.

We also want to find reasons why be affected with problems of others. In a family for example, a sibling may not be free from problems if members at home seem in trouble. The root causes are money, infidelity, sickness, broken family, broken marriage, and broken love affair.

You , having no problem will be affected , for you can’t dare to see any member in the family broke, jobless, debt troubled, and heartbroken .It will be too bad to sing and dance while they are in trouble. They need sympathizers and shoulders to lean on. How all people on earth want perfect life, perfect society and perfect love?

That is why, I salute or congratulate those who said here that they live alone and that being alone gives them less burden in life. They can always find peace.There will be no commander from a wife or husband hehehehe.There will be total freedom and liberty. Thanks guys for the ideas you gave why better live alone than with someone else.