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December 27, 2016 at 6:35 pm

Yes, time has come for me to rejoice the Lord for giving me nice Christmas gifts this year. I received cash gift from my nieces nurses in Dubai and UK . They work separately and they are sisters. They also married at young age and husband also nurse. The other good news is, my partner in New Zealand also sent me cash gift $1,500 wow very impressive amount for me. I never expect him to send me cash gift for we have not talked for two weeks. He is on operation of his urethra , just a mild operation and after that spending some days vacation there with his siblings he missed to see for many years.

If I did not open my Yahoo mail, I will never know that he sent me that amount via Western Union. I deposited the money is my savings hehehehe for future need. I just spend my salary from my work as professor in a university in our city.

This is the moment that I can twist my assumption that 2016 is not a kin and friendly year for me.

Further, this is also theĀ  moment to tell myself that I must double my time here now that approval of blogs is just a matter of few minutes, while I am still o Christmas vacation.Indeed God is awesome, amazing and most loving and caring God to all His children on earth. Let us always rejoice and praise the Lord Amen to my happiness this time.

January 2, 2017 at 3:49 pm

This is the year and the moment we have to cherish for our blog will be right away approved once submit a blog. At first, I was so hesitant to give myself another break again for I felt so discouraged in those months my blogs were not immediately approved and others not approved. But then again, my mind tells me not to give up and try another chance to proven to the site and myself that I can write awesome, amazing and terrific blogs.

yes, my dear readers, that was the moment and this is the moment connect that I have to fulfill another goal in this site, and that is to make my income here attractive.What is $10 by the way too very small to support every needs though I never rely the income ere. I have a better salary as a professor in a university,. My concern is my passion to write, and since other site do not engage in writing long articles, that is why I choose to be active here.