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December 30, 2016 at 4:37 pm

Poem:  Human Sufferings

Human sufferings differ

No matter what the same kind of tears to fall

The same heart to stumble

The same pain to feel

The same heart to squish in turmoil

The body seems to tremble

The mind cannot find resolution

The emotion may either be in rage

Life may have suffered cruelties

Life may have suffered hunger

Life may have suffered storm devastations

Life may have encountered shame and disgrace

Humans may have gambled and all properties gone

Whatever humans suffer

It is their actions that lead them to suffer

Human sufferings may not be permanent

But the impact of its one time attack

May lead the victim to kill or be killed.

I express my opinions here about human sufferings through poem.I feel it lighter than write in a paragraphing form. I hope you like this poem. I also hope you agree with me why human suffers more and more.13407022_1085420441514441_6262336705277432503_n

Photo image here shows an old mother taking care of his disable son. What if this mother passes away, who takes care of his disable son. This is a true picture of human suffering.




December 30, 2016 at 5:43 pm

There is no other to blame for man’s sufferings except himself, herself. Sometimes we are so insensitive . We do not like to think to evaluate the cause of our suffering.Others suffer because of ill health. They cannot find remedy to their sickness though not fatal like psoriasis, but this sickness is so annoying , disturbing and putting the person to shame.There are so many sicknesses though not fatal but complications are what makes the sickness fatal like Parkinson’s disease. Yes according to medical doctors, this PD sickness is not fatal, but it’s the complications that ruin the body making the owner self suffer endless feelings of pain and disparity.

Others suffer due to their jealous heart despite no reason to feel that way, but the concern, lacks control to her emotion forgetting tat kind of feeling is like a disease, and may also turn him.her a criminal for if the feeling prolongs, revenge follows.There are so many tendencies of occurrences for this kind of  malady.Other reasons too sensitive to the unknowns, false believers , and many ill feelings that lead the person to suffer more.

All we have to do is to be always positive for if not the body is mostly affected. That is why we also get sick or acquire sickness because of our foolishness.Humans suffer in the end after abusing the self , drinking hard liquor, smoking,taking illegal drugs and others considered havoc to human lives and only feel the endless regret when suffering strikes due to terminal sickness. Amen to your sufferings.

January 6, 2017 at 5:31 pm

It is the person himself that makes his life miserable leading him to suffer at the end of the rainbow.Though there are many sources of ideas why human suffer, but first and foremost, suffering never be felt by someone if that someone is wise enough. One concrete example is love. Though the opposite sex shows no sign of love for you,m still you insist to say someday she falls in love for you.Then years passed and you just leaned the girl of your dream found someone her heart desires for, That will be the beginning of your sufferings because of too much trust and love. Love never triumphs to you, so you feel you suffer more.

Sometimes, too much trust to someone leas you and me to suffer if that someone is not sincere to us. Even to a friend, we feel we suffer if our freind betrayed her or his friendship to us, so unfair sufferings.


January 7, 2017 at 7:17 am

The Human brain is a storehouse of feelings both positive and negative. His own actions are responsible for his suffering or happiness. One can live happily if one has got contentment and not even in the heaven if he is greedy.

This is insecurity, suspicion, jealousy, revenge, anger, uncompromising tendency that makes one’s life horrible to live in even in the midst of good friends or relations.

One should always develop positive thinking to make one’s own life a meaningful and happy one.

January 7, 2017 at 4:35 pm

@sivasubrahmanyam shatdarsanam, You are right. A person must be always positive for when negative thoughts strike there will e many ill feelings that may come to his senses.Those who are always positive never easily get frustrated. There is always remedy to their problems for what they are thinking about is when there is a problem there is a solution; unlike the negative thinkers, they surely suffer for their mind always see negativity of their thinking, no clear reasoning, no support to their fears, no guts to tell other what they feel so they will be enlighten.

Those who suffer more, cannot understand life more. They never give themselves a chance to live in positive thoughts, Just like my  elder sister. She is always negative. Whatever I tell her positive plans, she immediately converts my positive plans to negative. I told her, you can never kill my dreams. She is always feeling and thinking that way. Her mind is always in advance, and  in negative. My God, I am not like her, thankfully. I am a positive thinker and fighter of life.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, very much appreciated my friend.