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January 9, 2017 at 3:19 pm

First ,month of the new year many are already problematic not only in a remote locations but also  to the most busy cities where there are humans in the world. There was almost simultaneous shooting rampage in Istanbul and Paris.There were also chaos in Jordan and Israel and most of all in the country where I live, so numerous problems problematic Pinoys are causing with our government in general and to their community in particular. New Year just took over 2016 when many many escaped in a prison cell in a jail in Cotabato city in southern part in Mindanao, Philippines. There were about 159 prisoners freed by the 100 members of IS militants- Abusayafs merging of their collaborative crime. This week there only 40 plus captured back.

That jail break happened so suddenly at the height of early morning at 1:45 when al fall asleep. There were 7 casualties the 6mprisoners and the other 1, the jail warden. How come, 2,000 plus prisoners with only one (1) jail warden. That place is dominated mostly by Muslims.

The feeling sucks to the many killings in the first day of 2017. May there be total peace in the world.

January 28, 2017 at 2:13 pm

The fist month of new year is full of disasters . From the fist day here in the city where I live, rain began and up to this time , it is still raining. We had one week suspension of classes because of flood caused by hard rain. There was no storm yet the surroundings here are so wet and muddy. Many were stranded in our school more than 4,000 plus stranded due to height of flood that reached first floor of the 78 buildings in the university where I am teaching.Though I was not among those stranded, but I feel the agony of my students and co workers. Just imagine whole night no sleep,no light no food in the building where they were stranded.

This day I went to school because I have Saturday class only to learn that our campus is flooding again. We resumed classes last week, then this day and might continue next week. I hope not for it is our midterm exam week next week. I feel so frustrated about the rain that has a worst follower flood. I am so worried now for I have not met my Saturday classes ( two) for three Saturdays now due to flood. Current was also affected here. For two day, we had no current and we spent sleepless nights. How could this be stopped. This is now the outcome on what had the residents done to the city. The city government for example should have bot allowed the SM Mega mall to be erected in front of our university. We are surrounded with many giant establishments causing the rain water to accumulate for the passage of rain water is so limited, so water rise to the highest level and like explosion, if not anymore sustain, flood forces itself to spread to the flat land.

Our government has some bad contribution to this flood. Those giant centers should have been instructed to erect far from the city. So worst, the government lacks mathematics. What must be done now. Our campus is under the sate of calamity. The university president must also take actions on what to do with the campus flood. It should be better for him to use the technological technique for having a university that is high on technology and science. So sad, even the declaration of suspension of classes this day, too late and there I was walking on flood but on boots heheeh.

Thanks for reading , sorry too long Just enjoy to know what is happening in our city.Thanks.


January 28, 2017 at 4:24 pm

Looks like your country too has law and order as well as Infrastructure issues. However I feel that we Asians interact and collaborate more on the Net rather than in real life where we have similar problems and can help each other. We look towards West – Europe and US more.

May be it’s time for more people to people contact to get rid of many bias and also help out in times of need.

January 28, 2017 at 5:39 pm

@PEEUSH TRIKHA, It is our city government that I am blaming about. He lacks the calculations about the ongoing constructions of two malls at the road side of the city which is wrong. Those giant malls should have been erected there in an elevated area far from the city for people will still go there to shop.

The problem of floods here will never be solved as long as the big buildings are there blocking the drainage. The drainage becomes stranger to its on. I still further home that the city government can still find solutions to flood problems in cagayan de Oro City.

January 31, 2017 at 11:44 pm

I must say january of 2017 has not begun at a very good point in my country. It started of with not so good news. First of all we had very high dry spells no rain people suffering of hunger, strikes from different organizations, money being lost from unscrupulous people and deals, so many issues from the government. Personally i haven’t really experienced much of anything, things have just been hard all through. Life is becoming damn expensive yet the government is not doing anything about the escallating high prices o food stuffs. And this being an election year in my country, everything seems to be focusing on politics and all other issues have been left pending, making it so hard for ordinary citizens. I am hoping that as the days go by things will become better.

February 1, 2017 at 5:37 pm

@Anitah Gimase,Also in Ph, first month of the new year sounds very bad, storm attacks many lost homes and properties. There were almost 12 carried away by torrential floods. In our city, almost citywide flood. In the university where I teach almost 4,000 plus stranded due to flood that almost reached to 2nd floor of the buildings. That was horrible indeed first time to happen. I was thankful, I had just left the school before the string rain fell and rampaged schools to schools , place to place. Until this day, our campus is so muddy and wet. I always bring with me my boots. I already feel tie bringing boots, too heavy, but no choice. I never allow myself to walk in flood.

Every time I see cloudy skies, I run and leave school hehehehe. As if I have phobia of flood, so scary flood.Our country is still under war on drugs. I like this way police killed the drug addicts if fight back the police. There are so many heinous crimes here in the past administration, this time, it drops and we are so happy with our new president Duterte, brave and tough.