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January 9, 2017 at 3:19 pm

First ,month of the new year many are already problematic not only in a remote locations but also  to the most busy cities where there are humans in the world. There was almost simultaneous shooting rampage in Istanbul and Paris.There were also chaos in Jordan and Israel and most of all in the country where I live, so numerous problems problematic Pinoys are causing with our government in general and to their community in particular. New Year just took over 2016 when many many escaped in a prison cell in a jail in Cotabato city in southern part in Mindanao, Philippines. There were about 159 prisoners freed by the 100 members of IS militants- Abusayafs merging of their collaborative crime. This week there only 40 plus captured back.

That jail break happened so suddenly at the height of early morning at 1:45 when al fall asleep. There were 7 casualties the 6mprisoners and the other 1, the jail warden. How come, 2,000 plus prisoners with only one (1) jail warden. That place is dominated mostly by Muslims.

The feeling sucks to the many killings in the first day of 2017. May there be total peace in the world.