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December 31, 2016 at 6:07 pm

If you have high blood pressure, avoid trouble, despite taking your maintenance medicine, but if anger is at its extreme point, then the medicine taken cannot fight back for you to cool you down. Many landed six feet below the ground because of uncontrolled anger. To stay away from trouble is the best remedy to avoid heart attack. Let us value our life and foresee ahead the sorrow and pain your family may feel if you won’t listen to your body. It is just the pride that urges you to fight back, to end the life of a person or to comment on a nonsense topic or issue.

If feel at the rage of anger, count 1 to 100 to cool you off. Also evaluate the gravity and capacity of the cause of your anger that may give result to a deadly effect. Think first if the cause of your anger is worth to end your life. Think the possible way to make yourself happy. Listen to mellow music to cool you down, then close your eyes and say serendipity. Also see in your mind while closing your eyes vast green fields. Those are the best way to control our anger. Let us enjoy life for it is too short to be wasted by.


December 31, 2016 at 6:27 pm

If you won’t control your anger, you will surely land in hospital good if you can still survive.It is not a joke. This time your able has lots of foods , foods that are bad for your health but nice for your mouth hehehe.Just ignore what you see and smell.You may drink something that lowers you blood pressure. You may review my blog so you will know the foods that immediately cure your sickness especially diabetes. I have posted here 3 blogs about sugar blood buster where foods are introduce.they are vegetables by the way.

Always plug in onto your ear mellow music, If you run our of medicine, you boil garlic at least 3 pieces and rink it when cool. Just 1 glass of water with 3 garlic.Do it twice  a day to be sure of your pressure to lower down to its normal level.